On the other hand, Rogge has successfully brought a group of poor women back to the village to receive them as village heads.
When Rogge first entered the village, the village chief and the people were already waiting for the entrance of the village. At this time, the day was already shining, and the whole village still looked quiet and beautiful, but I didn’t know that it was a tragic scene at the cost of blood.
The village chief saw Rogge and then saw a group of women behind him. Even though he was old, he couldn’t hide his face and was excited. The village chief personally received Rogge on crutches.
"Luo Shaoxia, you are really our great benefactor! For you readmitted worthless old man is really grateful "say the old village head bent down to is a gift.
"Old village head, get up. This is a big break." Rogge hurriedly picked up the old village head.
"It’s good to be back." The old village chief was so happy that he cried, but he wiped his sleeves and suddenly stopped moving. Then he felt that something seemed to be wrong.
The old village head raised an uneasy face and said, "What about those people? Why hasn’t the big army come back yet? "
Rogge was a little sad when he looked at the old village head uneasily, but he had to tell the truth that he was "dead"
From Rogge’s mouth, there are these two words, two simple words, but these two words have suffered heavy and heavy blows
Rogge was silent when he said these two words, because at this moment he really didn’t know what to say to comfort others. A small village lost a large number of important laborers at once, which has to be said to be a great blow to the village, but more importantly, his wife lost her husband, children lost her father. Rogge can understand the grief of losing relatives if he thinks about it.
The old village head stood for a long time, and his face was already frozen. When he heard such great news, his villagers couldn’t say the blow one by one, and they suddenly lost their minds.
A little while later, I heard one after another screaming, crying, and some people directly fell to the ground and fell into a coma.
Chapter 40 Farewell
Beating is beating, sad is sad, but life goes on
After all, the crowd broke up, and a group of rescued women were accompanied back to their homes, and Rogge was invited to his home by the old village head.
After a night of soul-stirring fighting, Rogge is also exhausted and thirsty
At the moment, Rogge was sitting in the chair of the old village chief’s house. In the room, there was a young woman and a seven-year-old girl. The little girl saw that there was suddenly a stranger in the room, clutching the woman’s clothes and looking timid.
"Xiao Fang, go and pour a cup of tea for the guests." The old village head ordered the woman as soon as he entered the room.
The woman is the daughter-in-law of the old village head and the little girl is naturally the granddaughter of the old village head.
The "good" woman immediately turned to pour tea, but Rogge saw that the woman’s face was bound to have wet tears, and Se, the face god, was extremely sad.
Later, Rogge learned that the woman’s husband, the old village head, was also killed in the night operation, and that the old village head was none other than the leader in the operation last night.
Rogge drank a cup of tea and then he sat here. It’s not a taste.
Then the old village chief begged Rogge to tell him the whole story. He wanted to know how the bravest men in the village were killed, and Rogge didn’t want to hide it, so he told the whole story honestly.
After listening to Rogge’s story, the old village chief’s face looked even more sad. "Things are often like this. Maybe this is their fate. They can’t hide whether they will come or not, but that’s the whole village boy. The village’s hot-blooded man died like this. It’s all my bad old man. I shouldn’t let them go. I shouldn’t .."
At some point, the old village head fell into an unavoidable guilt.
At this time, the little girl asked, "Where’s Dad? Why hasn’t Dad come back yet? I miss Dad. He promised to bring cotton candy with me today, but why hasn’t he been seen yet?" !”
When she heard the little girl’s questioning, the old village chief’s face was dim, and the little girl’s mother was probably too sad. She said directly, "Your father left and never came back."
"What? What’s wrong with dad? He won’t come back. He loves me the most. He promised to bring me cotton candy today. He can’t talk and doesn’t count. I’ll sit on the threshold and wait for my father. "