A flash of wind lifted up from high school, which instantly opened the eagle’s eyes. Everything happened in his eyes. His body seemed to slow down. A man with a step still appeared. The body of the blood leopard was more than ten feet high. The body of the blood leopard was quite spacious and sharp. He looked at the body of the blood leopard with a dead tattoo through the ice and tried to find its weakness.
The eagle eye pupil can not only slow down, but also enlarge everything it sees. After scanning, the blood leopard finally found a three-inch position with no strange texture on its neck.
Usually, leopard veins are all pieces, but this dead blood leopard vein is one by one, and each vein is connected in series, which makes the wind soar. It is strange that this leopard has hundreds of stripes on its body, but after connecting two stripes in series, there will be no second series. It is definitely an incredible stripe, more than seeing this strange and strange pattern, he has a more fantastic idea in his heart.
All this is just a moment’s thought. The wind blows back and the mind condenses out the attribute energy. The sword locks the dead blood leopard neck three inches, and the white place without any texture is inserted hard.
The attribute energy sword easily pierces the ice and sinks into it. It seems that there is no texture. The stronger the person is, the more deadly his soft rib will be. This soft rib is fragile and deadly, which is unexpected to Feng Yang.
However, Feng Yang did not expect the crazy explosive power of the dead blood leopard to be so amazing. At the moment when the energy sword pierced the soft rib of the dead blood leopard, the dead blood leopard suddenly went crazy and howled, and then its forelimbs suddenly kicked back.
The wind Yang hasn’t come yet to display the defensive gas mask, but it’s still close at hand, but it’s absolutely like flashing forelimbs to hit the whole body. The thick forelimbs cover his weak body for a moment, like shooting an arrow. As soon as it flies out from the hind limbs of the dead blood leopard, that is, the butt face slows down, it still feels quite like hitting the weird Optimus Prime mountain.
There was another explosion and the wind was bounced back to the ground, but the mountain wall was not cracked by such a strong impact force, more than there were no falling rubble.
"Seven Warcraft attacks are really abnormal." The wind raised his body and rubbed his painful chest, then wiped his mouth and spilled a trace of blood and energy to calm the ups and downs of qi and blood.
Fortunately, his physical strength is amazing, and he is not a fragile vase, because he feels that he has always been chamber pot, not uglier than a vase, but also resistant to wear and fall. If he were in other people’s shoes, I am afraid that just that leg would be enough to make them hurt.
At first glance, it seems that it took a long time, but it took Feng Yang to get to the body of the dead blood leopard to find the soft spot, and then attack Feng Yang, who was kicked by the dead blood leopard, but it was only two or three breaths when everything happened, madam. Suddenly, at this moment, those frozen seven levels were as good as broken ice, while those six levels of Warcraft were still in the state of ice sculpture.
At this time, the blood leopard with a dead tattoo pierced by the wind’s sword is bleeding like a spring, which is the real meaning. It is definitely a shock to bleed. I believe that taking a big barrel and putting it on the surface can fill it up and scream wildly. "The despicable human, the despicable human king will kill you. The king will kill you."
Of course, this dead-tattooed blood leopard obviously doesn’t deal with humans much, because its foreign language is not very good, and it hasn’t reached the level of a four-or five-year-old child. It is a kind of heartfelt shock.
The fact that if you think about it carefully, it will be white. This sword stabbed the blood leopard’s weakness and must have given the dead blood leopard a fatal blow.
This soft spot must have the body surface of the dead-tattooed blood leopard. If you want to find the body surface of the blood leopard, you must let the dead-tattooed blood leopard not resist. Then you must control it first so that you can find it.
So far, Feng Yang’s fighting capacity of the Three Martial Immortals has a fighting force even against some ordinary Warcraft, but let Feng Yang rack his brains for the first seven dead blood leopards.
The setting sun arrow has passed the heavenly serial arrow, and it has no effect. The explosive boxing is also to knock back the dead tattoo blood leopard and fail to hit him hard. It is just that the soul-eating setting sun arrow and the dry Kun fire burn the sword tactic Xuan Ji Jian tactic have not been made.
But it’s not too abnormal for a seven-level Warcraft to be driven to death by the wind and kill the local martial arts without weakness.
"It’s easy to find the soft rib dead hole. All of them have been bled and scampered." Seeing that the battered dead blood leopard clamored for madness, Feng Yang sneered at a huge sword, which had reached the level of soul god and suddenly released its soul force. The giant sword flew out on its own to face it. The giant sword of the dead blood leopard wound around the body and the blood leopard staggered for an instant and accurately inserted it into the three-inch position on the neck of the dead blood leopard.
"Roar" a deafening explosion howled into the sky, and the dead blood leopard rushed forward to detain and lose its balance, flying forward like a ship’s huge body crashing down and sliding for more than ten feet, slamming into the wind.
"Yuan soul force reaches the level of soul god, and it really has a miraculous effect. Now Yuan soul force controls the sword attack, and it can also be compared with the ordinary martial god." Feng Yang put his hands together with pure strength to support the body of the dead tattoo blood leopard. His thin figure supported him and looked like a monster. The dead tattoo blood leopard looked strange, but it was so easy for him to complete the seemingly incredible thing in the eyes of outsiders.
"It’s really a good thing." When the palm of your hand touches the body of a dying blood leopard, the wind rises, and you feel that the strange patterns and stripes of your body gush out a strange energy, which will block all the attacks from his strength, and it will produce a common blocking shock force on the blood leopard.
Take back your mind, wind, lift your legs, and push your legs to spray the ground. With the anti-seismic force, you suddenly fly and leap over the body of the dead blood leopard, but what is striking is that it has already impacted the body of the dead blood leopard by about ten feet, and thousands of heads of Warcraft.
He once again cast a wing spin, even if the wing itself carries three feet of freezing to freeze the body of Warcraft into ice sculptures.
It is already known that things in the dead cave of the blood leopard with dead stripes are easier for those who have teleportation and intermediate posture of Wushu. They need to rely on their own advantages to attack the dead cave while the blood leopard with dead stripes is frozen, so that the two dominant posture of running for life can be shuttled through Warcraft.
Feng Yang has been waving his hand when he jumped to the treetops in this way for many reasons, so he had to stop fighting for a day, and his energy consumption was almost the same. Even if he didn’t need to rest, he needed to digest today’s combat experience when he needed it.
Moreover, although the night has little influence on the wind, for Warcraft, the night is their home. No matter how bad it is, he has accurately attacked the dead blood leopard’s dead hole. That is Wu Hua. Although he knows that Wu Hua is unlikely to be touched, he decided to go back and have a look for safety.
It’s also a skill to pick up the achievements of today’s fighting. It’s handy to pick up Warcraft, such as pinching, grasping, fishing, sweeping, pulling, hooking and other basic martial arts moves. It’s quite a bit back to nature. Today, all the fighting benefits have been swept away by him without even letting go of a hair of Warcraft.
It’s that he is short of money now, which is worse than calcium deficiency.
Once again, Yuan’s advantage of strong soul was revealed. He had a detailed understanding of today’s achievements while packing up the war profits. There are 12 dead-tattooed blood leopards in the fifty-two heads and seven levels of Warcraft, and 1,300 heads and six levels of Warcraft have such achievements in one day, which is absolutely shocking. Even a strong man in Wu Shen may not be able to achieve such achievements in one day.
Satisfied with the wind, flying time flies towards the sunset city. This time is the peak time to return to the sunset city, because once it is late at night, it is the crazy time of Warcraft activities, and then tens of thousands of Warcraft groups can be seen everywhere. Once humans are found besieged, they will definitely be bones.
And rushing to Sunset City is afraid to fly because of the night. Warcraft has also come out to organize and discipline activities. If it is accidentally caught by the flying Warcraft group, it depends on who flies.
There once happened a strong man who was newly arrived in Wu Shen. He proudly believed that the nearby Warcraft group and the flying Warcraft group were not in danger. After hunting Warcraft until late at night, he flew to Sunset City, but he met the flying Warcraft group halfway. He used his Wu Shen combat power to kill hundreds of flying Warcraft, but found that the flying Warcraft killed more and more, and it was also caused by exposing the target that the land Warcraft was intercepted. He could choose to escape.