Yagyu cocoon machine is not surprised, but he is also a quick-witted. At that time, he was able to paddle across the other, and when he fished it out, he actually grabbed the club head with one hand, and immediately took advantage of it to hold Dai Ruoxi’s club head, blocking the club head and poking it at the other.
As soon as he stood here, Dai Ruoxi’s posture had changed.
Seeing Dai Ruoxi’s left stick as he was quite strong, he pulled his arm, as if to seize the stick, but when his arm was tight and his body was strong, Dai Ruoxi twisted his body, and his right stick pushed straight past, obliquely hitting the knee side of Yagyu cocoon maker’s right leg, and this stick squeezed his feet and made his body tremble.
In his quiver, Dai Rexi lifted his left leg and kicked it in his stick.
The stick immediately turned in one direction with its foot, and it bounced directly, almost sticking to his right thigh and bouncing into his leg.
Yagyu cocoon body is not a shake, this stick didn’t directly hit him y and n, but the beef tendon stick took advantage of its strength, and its strength in the crotch was considerable, which made him feel white and unresponsive.
At this moment, Dai Rexi right has released the beef tendon stick, shoulders shake, palm quiver quickly, in yagyu cocoon throat rapidly in and out at a time.
As soon as it rang, the yagyu cocoon body fell straight back.
As soon as a person falls to the ground, his eyes turn over, he twitches and shakes, and he spat out white water foam.
Dai Re evening god se calm, directly back two steps, eyes look at the other two people.
Tu Yehu and Hechuan Dao were not surprised. They were still complaining that they were embarrassed to beat them. They pulled out the top prize for Yagyu Cocoon Machine. It is estimated that this beauty will be given to him, but who knows that when the tournament was over, Yagyu Cocoon Machine fell to the ground and became like this.
Aside Sasaki is even more frightened.
Dai Rexi’s every move looks different in his old eyes.
In Sasaki’s view, Dai Ruoxi turned slowly first, a slow rhythm to relax the yagyu cocoon maker J and jīng God, changed his psychological rhythm during the tournament, and then dialed the chair to distract his attention. Suddenly, the yagyu cocoon maker was overwhelmed and combined with techniques, which brought people down.
But there is one thing he didn’t see, that is, when Dai Ruoxi attacked, he took a good look at the body consciousness of Yagyu cocoon machine.
Meaning can’t last long, it’s human physiological ability.
A person’s mind lasts a little longer, and if he can’t relax, his consciousness will freeze.
It’s like waiting for something consciously for a long time. Often, when something really appears, people are slower than usual when they are unconscious.
In order to keep their reaction consciousness, people usually relax after a while.
However, when consciousness is relaxed, people’s reaction will be slack, and at this slack point of consciousness, if suddenly attacked, people’s reaction will be white for a moment, and the whole reaction system will be caused by sudden disturbance, resulting in rapid secretion of renal glands and entering a state of panic.
In this state, people are anxious, but their consciousness is white.
Dai Ruoxi’s attack was exactly at this point. The yagyu cocoon machine, which is famous for its quick response, was thrown to the ground by her.
Recently, there is a saying among the masters of the film generation: there are two kinds of kung fu, that is, one is horizontal and the other is vertical, and the other is lying down.
There is also a saying in the martial arts that the real master, kung fu is outside the kung fu.
After long-term practice, people’s reaction consciousness and strength skills will reach a peak, and this peak is the real master who is limited by the limit. Here, the practice of writing consciousness and strength skills has reached the realm, and there is little difference between them. Instead, the struggle is a strategy and contingency outside of kung fu
When things reach a certain level, the same situation will happen.
Law, painting and writing chapters are the same in the final master’s environment. In addition to the pen-handling skills that people usually practice, the accumulation of life wisdom will become more and more important in creation, and in the end, all skills will become the final skills.
Dai Ruoxi didn’t even look at the fallen willow cocoon machine. Instead, he turned to Tu Yehu and Hechuan Road, and asked softly, "Which one of you will come first?" Welcome, your support is my greatest motivation.
Chapter 59 The back twisted Hua Gun
After listening to Dai Rexi’s question, Tu Yehu and Hechuan Road looked at each other.
Although they were shocked by Dai Ruoxi’s superb kung fu, they were not afraid of fighting. After all, we all know that Yagyu’s cocoon-making skill is not his strong point, and it seems normal for Dai Ruoxi to suffer a loss.
But both of them put away their contempt for Dai Rexi.
No matter what the situation is, it is not to be underestimated that the yagyu cocoon machine can lose its resistance in a face-to-face manner.
Tu Yehu himself is holding a long sword, and he can’t guarantee that he can hold the Yagyu cocoon device in a face-to-face manner. Hechuan Road just saw the fighting technology of the Yagyu cocoon device in the building, and he was not sure about the fighting situation in the apprentice. He could hold the Yagyu cocoon device quickly.
However, they also saw that Dai Ruoxi had just made a little trouble, so they thought that the failure of Yagyu cocoon machine was more caused by his underestimation.
Hechuan Road is young, but he is calculating and thick-skinned. After glancing at Tu Yehu, he stopped looking at Tu Yehu for the second time. Instead, he looked at Dai Ruoxi quietly with his hands on his back, saying neither himself nor himself.
From the point of view of skill, it is always cheaper to play at the end.
After all, Dai Ruoxi will always lose some strength in another match. Moreover, maybe one of them will get entangled with Tu Yehu, and then the strength loss will not be one or two. Then there will be a fight of military courage. If the country makes diplomatic efforts, it will be good to know more about each other’s skills for defeating the right.
In those days, the master of Zhonghongquan, Gao Sanshuan, went to god leg Mahai Terrace, a powerful man in East Sichuan, for three days, and only after finding out the habits of Mahai did he go to Taiwan.
As a result, after three steps and two turns, Ma Hai Chang Fa was created.
However, just when Ma Hai was kicking his leg together, he got a monkey posture in the third year of high school, so he jumped from Ma Hai’s crotch and smoothed Ma Hai’s body with one stroke, leaving a heroic story.
When Tu Yehu looked at Hechuan Road again, he saw a silhouette of Hechuan Road. After all, he was older than him. It was always difficult to ask the other side to go out first. Nai, he stamped his foot and pulled out a long knife from his waist.
Not the kui is a close brother of the Taidao samurai of the Yamaguchi group. Although people are arrogant, there is still something in the park, and the momentum of killing wild tigers is different immediately, which brings out a momentum like Yuelinyuan.
This is a posture that people form a temperament and self-confidence to hold the sword grip after a long-term immersion in the kendo, and the swordsmen are integrated into one, which is in line with the principle and law. This momentum can produce a sense of oppression on the pair.
However, Dai Ruoxi, holding a stick with both hands, loosely released the momentum for killing wild tigers there, as if he had not seen it.
Boxing, meaning, meaning is true. This is a kind of boxing, meaning can be arbitrary. From the outside, it is a lot worse than killing wild tigers, but it is a layer higher in the realm.
This is like starting a courtyard in the mountains, carving beams and painting buildings, which is more imposing. However, the small thatched floor is integrated with the mountains and rivers and really lives forever, but the thatched hut is more pleasant and more suitable for mountain life.
Tu Yehu fixed his body, and suddenly he gave a big drink, such as hūn Lei Bofa, and the whole person’s momentum reached its peak, and he walked in with him. With the progress of his body, the medium and long knives pushed, pushed right, and pulled left. Shuang Yi was wrong, and the bit was like a flash, and suddenly he split at Dai Ruoxi’s neck.
Although the knife goes lightly, the blade is broken, but it is clearly audible.
This knife is a stunt that Tu Yehu has practiced for more than 20 years.
He came to be the nephew of Tuyeying, a Taidao samurai of Yamaguchi Group. He has been 20 years old since he was five years old. Every ri, he just cuts this knife straight, and he has to repeat it five times. Even the holiday ri can’t slack off.
Let’s see, in twenty-three years, a year is counted as 365 days, five times a day, and I have practiced more than 40,000 times of boxing for thousands of times, ten thousand times of j and ng, ten thousand times, and naturally j and ng benefits and seeks j and ng.
Because the wild eagle kendo is a branch of Kyoto, it is a simple and quick practice.
Repeated several times, you can practice change and reasoning in the simplest way, just like selling oil Weng’s oil thread through copper coins and stepping through Yang Shen’s arrow skill, but it is only a familiar sentence.
Therefore, the sword of Slaughtering Wild Tiger has already won the temperature of Slaughtering Wild Eagle, not to mention that it was just as it rushed Dai Ruoxi, but even behind Dai Ruoxi, several security guards guarded the door, looking at the knife potential like light from a distance, could not help but shrink their necks.
But Dai Ruoxi didn’t even blink an eye.
Don’t panic at the cold feet because Dai Ruoxi’s ox cudgel has been practiced for nearly 20 years. Looking at the flash of knife light, she didn’t want to, not only didn’t retreat, but made progress. When she twisted one end of the Chinese cudgel, she twisted it in front of her, and the left cudgel head drew a shadow arc from the shoulder to the face, while the right cudgel tail drew an arc from the right front to the left.
Dai Jia Quan is a combination of care and consideration, and so is Dai Jia San Cudgel.
This stick is just a movement of the back stick.
As soon as the clang rang, the head of the beef tendon stick was obliquely knocked on the middle part of Tu Yehu’s blade, and the knife was obliquely pressed to the right. With this ringing, it was seen that Tu Yehu’s body could not help but flash, but Dai Ruoxi’s right stick tail was hanging at the knee bend of his right front leg.
Like Dai Jiaquan, Dai Jiasan Cudgel is a way to grab the position by stepping on the middle door.
The secret of this stick lies in that one enters the body, and when the flat stick is twisted in front of the other’s body, the arm and leg are stretched, and the other wrings Hua Cuo’s strength, so that people can be leveled.