"I asked you where the injury came from, not if you were okay!" Jun Moying frowned and interrupted her. "I’m not stupid. Don’t tell me you did this by walking into a tree!"
"The emperor is not …" She hurriedly shook her head, and her red eyes were more like tears at the moment. "The fallen petal felt that the empress didn’t mean to make a big deal out of it, and didn’t mean to deceive the emperor. She still hoped that the emperor wouldn’t blame it …"
"Oh?" Your ink shadow squints slightly and a thin haze falls under your eyes, but it makes people feel that they are not ignored.
"You mean the queen hit you 1341. 1341?
"Oh?" Your ink shadow squints slightly and a thin haze falls under your eyes, but it makes people feel that they are not ignored.
"You mean the queen hit you?"
I don’t know if his tone is so aggressive. His eyes are not falling on her, but he feels a chill coming from his heart, which makes her suddenly shudder.
"It’s definitely not what I mean!"
Jun Moying looked at the woman in front of her and plopped down on her knees. It was unnecessary for an angel to do this gift, but she did it so naturally as if she had done it several times.
His brow wrinkled slightly, and something flashed in his heart.
Just listen to her and continued, "The original is that the fallen petal mouth has sinned against the empress, and it should be punished at some point. I dare not have any resentment in my heart. Please don’t pursue this matter again, and don’t be dissatisfied with the empress …"
Wen Yan-jun’s ink shadow corners of his mouth are coldly inclined. First, the fallen petal bowed his head and didn’t notice his subtle change.
"So you are considerate." He smiled indifferently, and his face was a little gloomy. Then he went on, "The queen hit you, but you repaid her kindness and pleaded with her."
"I dare not. This is all due to the emperor’s kindness to the empress. I know clearly that I dare not have wild dreams."
She knelt down seriously and looked sincere without any ups and downs, as if she had rehearsed it for thousands of times.
For a long time, Jun Mo’s shadow was silent, but his sight was strange, sharp and penetrating.
The atmosphere in the temple was quiet and stagnant, and the falling flowers could be heard. They admitted that they didn’t say anything against the queen, but they finally forbeared and gave in, but they were still nervous for no reason.
She secretly spit on herself, and sure enough, after all these years, that terrible habit still can’t be changed.
"It’s good to know the discretion, but it will hurt yourself if you give in again and again. Even so, you still insist on it?"
The fallen petal Zheng then raised his eyes in surprise as if he couldn’t believe what he heard
"Emperor, are you thinking of falling flowers?"
This scene used to be afraid that it could only appear in dreams, right Now that she has changed her face, she hasn’t changed much, but the emperor is impressed with her. She smiles bitterly and doesn’t know if she should thank this face.
But the emperor didn’t answer her after waiting for a long time.
"How can you be a queen when you walk unsteadily when you come in?"
"No, it’s not …"
You can’t do such a thing as lying with your eyes open. It’s too easy to be exposed and it’s a waste of effort.
"It was the fallen petal that collided with the empress, so the maids around the empress misunderstood the fallen petal and accidentally touched it."
Her eyes suddenly turned red before her voice fell.
Jun Mo Ying got up from the dragon chair and walked slowly to her.
For a moment, he came to help her, but soon she smiled wryly. How is it possible? It was only a few days ago, even if it was really different from her, it would not progress so fast.
The status of the queen is still unshakable today.
She has to stay like this. Chapter 134
"If you accidentally touch it, it will make you sprain your ankle. This bump is not light."
As expected, the comfort did not appear. When I heard this, I was stunned. It was that the emperor was too ambiguous.
It seems not to blame her-according to the emperor’s usual style, the blame should be to scold her directly and then do everything possible to protect the queen, but to comfort her … How to say, some words are actually uncomfortable to listen to, and there is a sense of chill and trembling.
"The emperor don’t worry about it can’t blame the maid-in-waiting around the empress for being careless …"
She wronged the emperor’s eyes, but her slender legs passed by her without any ups and downs.
Coldly lightly fall a "you can think so best"
If you can’t, you’ll die
But the emperor didn’t say a word.
It’s not that I can’t bear it or that I’m not cruel enough, but that some things are not right now.
The fallen petal rubbed his sprained ankle, and his long, dark eyelashes trembled. She propped herself up and slowly got up from the ground. It was not her outfit, but it was really straight, so she stepped away from the emperor step by step and couldn’t get back to her sight.
I don’t know how many times she has seen such a cold figure. Before coming back this time, she vowed never to see such a figure again and never to be rejected by this man again! But today I still can’t escape this fate.
But it won’t happen again. It won’t happen again
She could see that the emperor seemed indifferent to her, but her heart must be shaken, otherwise she wouldn’t be so polite to her.
Whether it is because of this face or because she is really "appreciate each other", she has always been shaken. With such a little shake, she will gradually divide the feelings between the emperor and the queen, and she will succeed sooner or later.
She has suffered, and she will never forget it!