Mrs. Yang Lao gently gasped and lay still. Lan Yao hesitated to cut a finger, and then Mrs. Yang ordered several acupuncture points to relieve the pain of her wound, and then got up and walked beside Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Xiahou Chaojun.
After bending over, Lan Yao cut lightly and said, "Don’t be angry with Monsieur beaucaire’s predecessors. You also know that your wound is an orc’s tooth.
Cause your poultry constitution rejection. Be careful to deteriorate. "
Monsieur beaucaire Ling owed her head slightly and put Xiahou Chaojun’s property gently while watching Lan Yao chop and move two bodies to signal Lan Yao to chop and help her up.
Blue demon got the message. The horse stretched out his hand and held Monsieur beaucaire Ling. He sat up slightly straight and asked, "Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s predecessor, what are you …"
Monsieur beaucaire ling gently smiled a pull the orchid demon chop hand gently said
"Hehe, Lan Yaojian, I think I have a very important thing to entrust to you."
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine "angel wings"
Orchid demon beheaded by Monsieur beaucaire Ling took hold of his hand and asked himself to what extent Monsieur beaucaire Ling was not familiar. Now this intimate act of Monsieur beaucaire Ling made Orchid demon beheaded.
"Monsieur beaucaire ling predecessors you this is …"
Orchid demon chop doubt awkward.
Monsieur beaucaire Ling smiled and seemed to have no strength, but she finally pulled the blue demon to cut her hand and sighed gently and said, "The blue demon cut you and I imagined it was nothing like that."
Blue demon cut one leng looking at Monsieur beaucaire ling hesitated and asked, "Monsieur beaucaire ling predecessors, what do you mean …"
"Ha ha, it’s said that the cloud clan orchid demon chop is as cold as ice and as light as a cloud, but what I see is a kind and lovely orchid demon chop whose heart is in turmoil with true feelings." Monsieur beaucaire Ling said that her eyes shone with love as if she were looking at a woman. Of course, if she chopped by Monsieur beaucaire Ling and orchid demon, it would be almost the same age.
"Elder Guiling, you … you said you had something important to entrust me with?" Orchid demon chop is not used to Monsieur beaucaire Ling looking at her eyes quickly changed the subject.
This is in the middle of Monsieur beaucaire’s arms.
"Is it right for the blue demon to chop your change and the red dagger?" Monsieur beaucaire ling suddenly uttered this puzzling word.
Blue demon cut leng a little confused.
"Yes, that little red dagger can really change many things, not only you but also the whole domain." Monsieur beaucaire Ling slowly turned his head to look into the distance and said in a low voice.
Lan Yao nodded her head. What is the meaning of this sentence of Bai Guiling, but I can’t figure out why Guiling suddenly said these words to her.
"You know what? Lan Yao beheaded me and Xiahou Chaojun, or whether it was a floating life and the honghua Doutai, or whether it was a scorching sun, a night attack, or a baby’s office … including you, we all seemed to help Red Bi help him avenge the ghost family together, but it was real … "Emirates Ling paused for a look and moved from a distance to stare at Lan Yao’s face." Actually, we also helped ourselves. "
"We … ourselves?" Lan Yao beheaded Zheng.
"Yes, we are ourselves," Guiling nodded and continued. "We are all domain races, and we can control and change everything in the universe. However, the domain is ruled by the protoss sihao, and his rule has changed, and Sihao has completely expanded. His ambition is not as good as governing everything in the domain, but has been completely released, such as being powerful, restricting possession and getting him. He wants everything to belong to him and be under his jurisdiction …"
Lan Yao chopped and listened to her heart. She could hear her heartbeat except Monsieur beaucaire’s words.
Yu Qiu died at night, and now she knows that it is in the hands of the dead Lord, that is, the protoss sihao; The domain has changed, and after she was disheartened, the main door of the white domain didn’t want to ask anything
Not long ago, she knew that the white domain master was the protoss red smelting, which was also her, but when she knew that Yang Yeti was wearing the original spirit of night royal autumn, she understood why the white domain master would send her to the red domain master to help, which was arranged by the white domain master and Mrs. Yang Lao. In a sense,
Yang Ye and Yu Qiu are already alone. The Lord and Mrs. Yang Lao did this to save her frozen heart.
So there is no doubt that there is no basis for the night imperial autumn factor. She loves Yang Ye’s theory that whatever happens, she wants Yang Ye’s side, and what happens to Yang Ye is her blue demon to cut things.
Everything that Monsieur beaucaire Ling said can be ignored, but now it all depends on Yang Ye and she has it.
This is inevitable, this is faith, this is thought, this is persistence and this is love.
When Lan Yao cut his mind vaguely trance, Monsieur beaucaire Ling continued to talk.
"Lan Yao beheaded, I think you should know now that the domain ruled by protoss Sihao will be destroyed sooner or later, and our home will be destroyed. If the domain is destroyed, everything we can hide will be destroyed, and in the eyes of all those things in the domain, we are equal to the gods who can’t self-destruct. We are not only helping Red Bi but also helping ourselves."
Lan Yao cut slowly focused his eyes and saw Monsieur beaucaire Ling. He nodded and said softly, "I understand Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s predecessors, but you told me this …"
Monsieur beaucaire Ling looked at the blue demon chop and smiled and shook his head slowly and said, "I don’t know if I can live or not, but I can’t help Red Bi any more. I’m hurt so badly that I may become a burden to you …" Said this, Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s hand grabbed the blue demon chop more tightly.
"What?" Blue demon cut a surprised heart suddenly had a little uneasy feeling.
"I entrust you with my strength in this matter, that the demon beheaded by Suolan helps Red Bi and also helps ourselves." Guiling said with a smile and gradually converged her eyes and became firm.