In the remote control upgrade panel, there are all kinds of equipment. There are hundreds of long guns and short guns with different performance and power. Zhuo Ziqiang is carefully looking for protective equipment.
Zeng Guomin’s style of special warfare is extremely cheap, and it requires ten energy points, and it also includes various weapons. Zhuo Ziqiang is not satisfied with this, because his appearance is too eye-catching to wear outside.
After searching for a long time, Zhuo Ziqiang found a protective suit that is more suitable for himself.
This kind of protection is made of composite material, but it doesn’t look like protection. It looks like a set of ordinary clothes. The dark purple clothes exude a faint metallic luster. Zhuo Ziqiang imagines that it must be very cool to wear, and the protection performance of this clothes is extremely strong. Even a 10 mm heavy machine gun can’t hurt himself at a distance of 100 meters.
This kind of clothes can not only effectively protect the body, but also have a more stylish leather armor and a helmet that can cover the whole head.
After wearing this suit, the four components can be perfectly sealed by the sealing lock of the joint, and even if the owner walks into this suit in the burning fire site, he will not be hurt.
Although this suit looks light and thin, all kinds of devices in it not only have automatic adjustment thermostat, but also have amazing durability. Even if it falls into the water for three days and three nights, it will not suffocate the people inside.
In addition, this suit also has automatic cleaning function, and it needs to press a button gently. The people inside the suit are like taking a bath, and their bodies are as clean as if they have been washed by a strong cleaning agent for one minute.
"It’s really a good thing to save the trouble of taking a bath." Zhuo Ziqiang’s mouth is watering. Of course, he didn’t take this bath, but because this suit is a life-saving necessity with fire resistance, cold resistance and water resistance.
"Boss, this suit can also be used as a space flight." Zeng Guomin woke up gently.
Zhuo Ziqiang seems a little skeptical. "Are you so soft and not afraid to really explode me?" "Absolutely not, boss. Don’t doubt what I say." Zeng Guomin primly seems to be somewhat dissatisfied with the boss’s words
"Uh-huh" Zhuo Ziqiang didn’t know whether he was satisfied with the suit or agreed with Zeng Guomin’s words and kept nodding.
At present, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to the foreign countries for self-improvement. I don’t care about this aerospace energy, but it is the protection and comfort of this suit.
Wearing such clothes, you can swagger in front of the deputy armed hostile forces without a trace of timidity.
"So that’s it." Zhuo Ziqiang looked at the price of 50 energy points. Although it is much more expensive than Zeng Guomin’s special war, this performance and style are also much stronger. Zhuo Ziqiang is not necessarily too expensive.
And now has tens of thousands of energy points. Zhuo Ziqiang is not at ease with dozens of natural points, but when Zhuo Ziqiang made the energy points exchange, Long Yun suddenly told him that it would take 500 energy points to exchange this dress if Zhuo Ziqiang made it himself.
"I have so cheat people? The price is ten times higher. Do you really think I am a big head? " Zhuo Ziqiang jumped up.
He’s not at 50 energy points, but 500 energy points can make him a little sore.
Once upon a time, he earned only a few dozen points of energy a day, and he never spent such a large amount of energy except for the upgrade of Long Yun.
Ye Chuchu comforted Zhuo Ziqiang before he saw the shock expression. "Boss, this is the difference between standard and custom."
Zhuo Ziqiang knows that the price of a licensed binding is outrageous, and the price of a garment is ten times that of a garment, and it is not that anyone who wants to order it can order it. Only when his identity reaches a certain level of dignity can the company order it for him. If ordinary people order it at a high price, people may not necessarily agree.
"Well, anyway, we have enjoyed the vp treatment, so to be honest, this kind of clothes can’t be bought at a high price." Zhuo Ziqiang comforted himself and clicked the exchange button.
A set of extremely rich feel clothes appeared in Zhuo Ziqiang’s hands. He lifted the weight and it was quite suitable. It was almost the same as ordinary clothes.
Zhuo Zi-qiang looked around at several genera, especially at Ye Chuchu, with clothes in his eyes, and turned to go. Ye Chuchu smiled and said, "Boss, if you want to change clothes, it’s ok here. We’ll just pretend that we can’t see it. I won’t understand."
"You didn’t expect me" Zhuo Ziqiang threw this sentence and took the ladder to the presidential suite to change this high-tech protective clothing.
In the cab, Liu Xiaolei smiled and transformed a certain screen image, so Zhuo Ziqiang changed clothes and the image appeared on the screen.
"Dare to peek at the boss changing clothes? Are you dying?" Ye Chuchu mouth so while staring at the screen Zhuo self-improvement * *
"Boss, this figure is too fat and muscle strength is extremely lacking in exercise." Liu Xiaolei said that he raised his arm and showed off in front of everyone.
Ye Chuchu boasted about the characteristics of Zhuo Ziqiang’s man. "For an oriental man, the boss size is just so-so, and sometimes I have to tell him a way to increase his size so that he can have more confidence in himself and lead us in our revenge plan."
"It’s up to you to guide him? I’m afraid he won’t get up for three days and nights. "Liu Xiaolei despised 189 and feared bodyguards.
Zhuo Qiang is satisfied with this set of defense, except that he has to take off his clothes when changing, and he really can’t find any shortcomings.
This suit is soft and strong. If the clothing and portrait are integrated, the comfort ratio is slightly thicker, but this small shortcoming can be ignored because of the temperature adjustment inside.
In addition to comfort, this anti-clothing battle suit has a battle belt with four high-explosive grenades, short guns and daggers.
There are pike hanging points on the back and backpack hanging points on the chest, and there are also clip hanging points on the chest. Of course, other things can be equipped when necessary, such as high compression energy blocks
Two ribs and two hidden hanging points can be used to equip small spears without people noticing that these two hanging points are still relatively good for Zhuo Qiang now. He also needs to equip a pistol to be down a peg or two.
In addition to these, there are four hanging points on the left and right calves where daggers or other weapons can be equipped. All kinds of equipment can be added at any time.
Without his things, these hanging points are inconspicuous and will not affect the look and feel of this dress at all.
However, this helmet is a little out of his mind. Although it is twice as powerful as other parts of the body, it is not suitable for wearing at any time in daily life and getting it when necessary.
It’s not that this helmet is ugly, on the contrary, it can increase the image of the messenger after wearing it. Whether it’s the wide protective eyepiece in front or the smooth baffle with sci-fi color on the face, it shows a powerful deterrent.
However, it always seems redundant and dangerous to wear such things at ordinary times, so that it can be abandoned at ordinary times
After walking into the cab with a good sense of self-defense in this suit, he saw several families with slightly different looks and asked himself what was wrong. "Why isn’t the captain handsome in this suit?"
"handsome! The boss looks great in this dress! " A few ding) belongs to the horse look disguised terms with different mouth replied.
Where did Zhuo Qiang know that when he was wearing this dress in the room just now and looked at the mirror and felt sorry for himself, these genera had already commented on this dress for many times.
"Then I feel that this suit is still far from protecting my life. Do I need some real guards in the face of heavy enemy fire?" Zhuo Qiang seems to be talking to himself.
"Boss, you are absolutely right! What do you call it in the Chinese language of Daxia? Captain Wanjin must be properly guarded! Security measures must be in place and professional security personnel are essential! " Talk about Kan Kan, Liu Xiaolei
Ye Chuchu also went on to say, "Yes, boss, although we can protect the boss at some time, we are not combatants and we are not professionals. It is difficult to have omissions in dangerous scenes, so we must recruit several special guards."
Zeng Guomin also agreed, "Boss, my specialty is fighting. Although I can do something to protect my boss, I am still far from being a professional bodyguard. Besides, sometimes it is inconvenient for me to stay with my boss. I also agree to recruit several bodyguards to protect my boss."