"Eldest brother, are you going to go in person this time?"
After listening to Zhou Fugui’s words, Qinglong asked the horse that he and Zhou Fugui were still as tacit as when they were mixed with gangsters. Zhou Fugui showed a little meaning and his horse knew it.
"Well, this time I’m going to invite my master to come out of the mountain. I’ve never been an obedient person since I was a child. When my master wanted me to join the army, I didn’t listen. After reading high society for a year or two, I went to the northeast to mix gangsters."
Zhou Fugui said, "Then I got to know you two in the Northeast, but after so many years, I don’t regret my decision. Because I got to know two good brothers, this is the biggest gain of my generation. My only regret is that I didn’t do my filial piety. I want to take this opportunity to go back to my hometown. My ancestral home is Yuquan Town, Shandong Province, but it’s ridiculous that I have never been there since I was born. I decided to go back to Zhouyi. My master and I have always been stiff, hoping to improve. After all, life is only a hundred years. I have to do my filial piety
"Eldest brother, knowing you is the most glorious thing in my life. If necessary, I can return to the Jianghu to assist Wang Zhouyi in completing the hegemony of the ancients."
Qinglong was quite moved when he heard Zhou Fugui’s words. He was going to retire, but after Zhouyi, he felt that Zhouyi would definitely achieve the great cause in the future. He not only wanted to assist Zhouyi, but also wanted to complete his ideal.
"Eldest brother, I’d like to be your brother again. Let me accompany you to Shandong this time."
Dragonfly also said that he had been Zhou Fugui’s secret bodyguard for years, and he thought he had to follow Zhou Fugui on this trip.
It’s not easy for three brothers to treat each other as brothers.
There are many good brothers in the underworld, but not many of them can die well, because many brothers in the underworld can share weal and woe, but they can’t share happiness in the end. It’s a common practice that countries are enemies, and the same is true of foreign gangsters, such as the American 3k gang’ Leopard’ and the speeding gang Francisco. They were brothers in life and death before, but they didn’t fight to the death in the end.
"Well, if there are brothers from generation to generation in the afterlife, I know that both of you want to meet my father, so let’s go to Shandong together this time. Anyway, the details of this big project in Beijing have been settled and handed over to people to do it, but the Qinglong will return to the rivers and lakes to assist Zhouyi. Let’s wait and unify the underworld. After all, Zhouyi is a big event, and it is a little younger and much more experienced, otherwise it will fall into a different place. This matter can be handled safely."
Zhou Fugui nodded, with two good brothers, Qinglong and Dragonfly, and he also felt that he had not lived in vain in his life.
He once dominated the Northeast in his life, but now he is a great business empire, but what he cherishes most is not the wealth of the enemy, but the brotherhood. He is most proud of having two good brothers, a good son and a great father.
He also had a dream of a giant cow, that is, unifying the underworld and ending the chaotic separatist situation in the underworld. However, there are many gangs in the underworld, and there are indeed people who refuse to relegate. Even with the help of Qinglong and Dragonfly, he finally failed to unify the underworld. He has experienced the difficulties of unifying the underworld as he knows, and he feels that he can’t be too anxious because Zhouyi really needs experience.
Tsing lung and dragonfly responded together. Although they are sworn brothers of Zhou Fugui, Master Zhou Shan is a soldier. They have never met him before, but their names are well known. They all admire him and hope to see his peerless demeanor.
"Then let’s start at once."
Zhou Fugui’s resolute decision to fight was immediately got up from the sofa.
It’s about 48 kilometers from Beijing to Jinan, Shandong Province. This time, Zhou Fugui, Qinglong and Longfei didn’t fly, but took a special off-road vehicle and went straight to Jinan, and then from Jinan to Yuquan Town.
It rained heavily in Tokyo, but it rained continuously in Hangzhou.
On this night, Zhouyi didn’t know that Masato had taken Tianye Yun Jian across the sea to take his life, and he didn’t know his father. He took Qinglong and Dragonfly to Yuquan Town, Shandong Province to invite his grandfather, Master Zhoushan, to come out of the mountain.
But I couldn’t sleep this evening, because he was going to call his brothers to formally set up a mafia gang, and his mafia gang was named, which meant that he was going to formally embark on a mafia journey.
Listening to the rain on the balcony of Zhouyi Xiaolou and unifying the underworld, this is a road of no return, and he himself does not understand that his future road is full of thorns.
"You can’t sleep in Zhouyi?"
At about eleven o’clock in the evening, everyone in Zhoujia villa slept, but Kexin Yu came out of the room in clothes and came to Zhouyi.
"Yeah, it’s hard to be calm tonight."
Zhouyi nodded to Kexin Yu to the side.
Zhouyi has a lot of confidantes. Kexin Yu knows the most. Besides, Ye Qingcheng, Cao Fang knows that he is a national security agent. Yu Fangqin, Mu Hongdou, Luo Qingxue and others don’t know that Zhouyi still has this identity
Kexin Yu Ye Qingcheng and Cao Fang, the three men, suspected that Kexin Yu knew many details of Zhouyi. Many things even the teacher Ye Qingcheng and the beauty policeman Cao Fang didn’t know that Zhou Jia in Kexin Yu had stayed for many years, so she was a real wife of Zhouyi. Of course, she knew everything about Zhouyi.
What character did Zhouyi go to the United States to perform? Kexin Yu also knew that Zhouyi met with Lin Haifeng, the head of national security, and Zhouyi also told her.
Zhouyi will call his brothers to formally establish a mafia gang, which is an important event for Zhouyi’s life and even the history of the underworld in China.
Kexin Yu knows Zhouyi very well. Zhouyi is under a lot of pressure at this time. At this time, she braved the cold spring night to come out and talk with Zhouyi for fun. She has been in Zhoujia for ten years and has long regarded herself as a Zhoujia wife.
"It’s a long way to go for the head of Zhouyi Guoan to hand it over to you like this, and this road is not so easy. Of course, adoptive father also wants to take this road, but it is too much resistance. He only went from the northeast to Hangzhou to change from mafia to business mafia. This road is a lightning storm, especially to unify the mafia. This is a more difficult thing than going to heaven. Zhouyi, your life will be full of dangers in the future, and I am also worried about you. "
Kexin Yu snuggled up to Zhouyi and said softly.