The waves said, "Let me go there when it’s good."
The waves watched carefully and asked questions from time to time.
Chen Ping has the heart to draw the waves into the gang and try his best to explain some sensitive questions to the waves, so he gently evaded the waves and stopped asking questions.
The two talked very harmoniously.
Chen ping (turn to say with smile "brother, where did you learn this skill? The town is a boxing champion, and you will settle it in three or two! "
The waves said, "In prison! I haven’t spent three years in prison, but I have learned something that other schools can’t learn. I went to that prison full of felons, including the world’s top brain hackers, the most sophisticated business criminal genius, and a man who was sentenced to death in a boxing ring and changed his death sentence. He taught me this skill! He also said that my heart is cruel enough and I am a piece of martial arts training material. "
Chen Ping laughed. "It’s a good opportunity for you to show your skills when your brother is offended by misfortune."
The waves laughed, "By the way."
Chen Ping said, "If you don’t have two, I will pull you out, and you won’t be wrong in judging people, but you will surpass me in two years."
Just as they were talking, the two men arrived at Zhuhai Port.
Chen Ping and the waves got out of the car and walked into the harbor to dock the freighter by the river.
It’s four o’clock in the morning, and although all the freighters on the riverside are lit, they are very quiet. Occasionally, they joke from one freighter to another.
Chen Ping led the waves straight to the freighter Huangpu Sheng. The freighter was very quiet when it saw that the lights were still on, but there was no sound.
Chen Ping suddenly felt faint that something was wrong. Supposedly, both Huangpu Sheng and Liu Yunyun were drinking and chatting with two little girls.
Then he laughed. "You can’t talk and tease with women all the time. Maybe they both just did that and now they are all resting."
Chen Ping pushed the ship door in the hall without the two bodyguards, and the film and television also played a * * naked yellow shadow.
Chen Pingyi frowned. It’s never been less. There’s also a foreigner who keeps the door open.
The waves followed Chen Ping and entered the hall.
Suddenly, both of them smelled a bloody smell and floated up from the room with the smell of wine and vegetables.
Chen Ping’s face immediately changed. He drew a short knife from his waist and jumped quickly. The probe looked at the passage leading to the inside. There was no movement in the passage, but the bloody taste was stronger.
Chen Ping made a corner of his eye at the waves, and the waves also pulled out short knives. Two tandem, one left and one right, jumped quickly and flexibly to approach the Huangpu building.
Chen Ping stopped at the entrance of Huangpu Health Room to give ear.
The door was left unlocked, and there was no movement or snoring in the room.
Chen Ping suddenly flew up and kicked the door.
A strong scent of blood came on Chen Ping and the waves and felt a pungent smell.
The room was very messy, the bloody white walls were sprayed with purplish red blood, and the bright lights had already solidified into black blood clots, which was shocking.
Huangpu Sheng and Liu Yunyun were both in a pool of blood.
Huangpu students and Liu Yunyun * * are attached to Huangpu students. A deep blood groove in the left artery of the neck of the table is still coming out from the inside to stain the floor.
Liu Yunyun is a deep, thin purple mark around the neck of his back chair. His eyes are protruding and his tongue is stretched out to death.
Judging from their death, the two men died very suddenly, without any warning beforehand. One was strangled by a human silk thread, and the other was cut by a human blade and bled to death.
Two Han men fell to the ground, one leaning forward and the other leaning forward. The Han man’s head was bleeding and his body was stiff. Obviously, he could not live. It seems that he was killed by a sharp object hitting his brain head on.
The man who leaned back had a big hole in his chest, and it was horrible. An iron chair foot and half of his blood were thrown to the ground. Obviously, this man was suddenly inserted into his chest by the iron chair foot.
-the two young ladies are not in this room!
This kind of scene, even the wily and calculating Chen Ping, can’t help but be stunned and shocked. I don’t know if the four bodies are so good at the moment.
The waves suddenly said, "This is not dead!"
Chen Ping, as expected, fell on his back. Suddenly, the Han tiptoe was slightly * *.
Chen Ping immediately leaned over to hold up the Han body and said, "Xiaoqiang Xiaoqiang, what is this?"
Xiaoqiang barely opened his eyes and looked at Chen Ping weakly and said, "Mom … that girl … killed the boss …"
The words were not finished, and the body straightened up after a smoke. This time it was really dead.