In front of Xi Yu, Tang Ning was also ready at this moment. Her fleshy arms stopped for a moment, and the dusty color force was already overflowing the body surface, but it was condensed into a dusty armor in vitro.
Generally speaking, Yuan Li’s foreign protection needs to reach the level of Wu Zun, but Tang Ning’s protection is not Yuan Li’s protection, but a kind of martial arts. Yuan Li condenses into defensive armor to resist damage, which has a remarkable effect.
Two wind blades blink and crash into Tang Yunshen, making a loud bang. Downing’s outer armor suddenly fluctuated, and her figure was protected by Xi Yu after the earthquake, which kept Downing from falling.
"I hate it. It hurts," Tang Ning said with a gnashing of teeth. Although there is a’ frozen wall armor’ to protect me from being shocked, the pain still doesn’t work.
And being hit by two wind blades, Downing’s armor in vitro is also cracked a few tiny cracks.
"Good" Feng Yang raised an appreciative smile at the corners of her mouth. The fighting consciousness of these three girls was not entangled in the past.
At this moment, Feng Yang’s body landed on the ground with almost no gap between his legs. Generally, his body flashed and dragged a huge sword and quickly rushed towards the two wounded by arrows.
Qian Dong’s tactics are to bombard one person or kill the strongest person in the middle fire.
Otherwise, Feng Yang always picks up soft persimmons, pinches the people who are most likely to be knocked down, turns them over first, and then tries to deal with the strongest ones, so that there is no need to worry about the future, so that his fighting capacity can be more hit.
In the face of like a beast to kill the wind Yang Qian Dong and others have not been in a state of disorder. The two teenagers who were wounded by arrows quickly mobilized the yuan force to try to force the wind blade back.
At the same time, Qian Dong is also quick to fly, and suddenly he is as light as a swallow flying in the middle of his body. When his legs suddenly condense with strong force, he can clearly see the surface circulation of his legs with strong force.
Qian Dong’s right leg was swept like a sharp knife, and he easily pierced it with a sharp strong breeze and attacked the wind.
"Tang Ning, you protect Xi Yu, Xi Yu, you play it by ear to help Liu Man fight." Feng Yang chose to avoid the edge and said to Tang Ning and others at the same time
At the same time, Feng Yang’s body dodged Qian Dong’s head-on confrontation and accelerated toward the two men who were wounded by arrows.
"This team is quite good, although there are five people, but each has its own division of labor and its fighting capacity is amazing." Seriously injured, watching and watching the four-person team, the martial arts level boy praised.
He thinks he is also a man with command ability, but he appreciates the fact that Feng Yang made accurate command while fighting.
Hear the wind Yang instruction LiuMan didn’t idle exhibition body toward those teenagers rushed past life element water element caused her force damage slightly insufficient, but that doesn’t mean there is no damage.
With high-level Wushu, even the element of water can still exert amazing terrorist lethality, which is even worse. The element of life, the element of water, has a fast recovery speed and is more suitable for a protracted war.
See LiuMan impact come over two other wind element teenager also show body to meet at the same time.
The distance of three feet crossed in an instant, but when the two teenagers were less than three feet away from Liuman, they rushed forward and threw themselves forward abruptly.
While the other two people lost their feet this time, Liuman condensed the hands of Yuan Li and Huo Ran took it out to kill God with a "poof" sound. The two teenagers fell forward and were abruptly knocked back by Liuman’s hands.
"Sister Xi Yu, Sister Liu Man, you are really great." A pair of cute children’s faces are disproportionately huge with petite bodies. When she saw this, Downing couldn’t help cheering and jumping on her chest. It was a great double peak, like the ups and downs of mountains. The waves brought people a very shocking visual impact.
Just now LiuMan and two teenagers are about to come into contact with each other, impressively, Xi Yu suddenly cast out the auxiliary Wushu of’ Yuan rattan binding’, while the two teenagers are concerned about dealing with LiuMan, suddenly tripping their legs.
But at this time, Yuan Li and Wushu can also bind two people at the same time.
The attack of Liu Man, the second samurai, did harm to the two samurai-level teenagers, which can’t be ignored. Both of them suffered from chest pain, gnashing their teeth, and their fighting capacity was somewhat discounted.
On the other side, the wind has hit the sword beside the two teenagers who were wounded by an arrow. With heavy ferocity, the sword rolled wildly in the past, and the wide attack range made the two teenagers dodge quite awkwardly for a moment when they were swept in the body by the sword.
The giant sword contains crazy power, which will shock them to fly two feet away, and the bones will be as painful as if they were shattered.
When the body was hit by a giant sword, the giant sword contained that kind of violent energy, and at the same time it also attacked them, causing them to riot immediately, and the meridians of the body suffered from the force itself, which made them hurt again.
Qian Dong looked at this scene in astonishment and bewilderment. He really didn’t understand why five people on his side were so comprehensive that they lost their fighting capacity and two brothers were injured in such a short time.
The so-called authorities are fascinated by onlookers. Qian Dong can’t figure things out, but in the eyes of others, it’s very simple. For example, this is the only martial artist in the gang of four.
It seems that the young man has been hiding in this place for a long time to watch the game. He has been lurking and has not appeared until the key moment. Then he suddenly shot and wounded one person, and then he appeared to attract Qian Dong and others’ attention. After a dialogue, he attracted their attention to himself, and then suddenly let the girl make Qian Dong and his party, the auxiliary Wushu, unprepared and shot and wounded another person.
The wind Yang has always avoided the strongest Qian Dong confrontation and turned to the two people who were greatly reduced by the arrow wound to weaken the fighting capacity of Qian Dong. Secondly, it may put a lot of pressure on their hearts. This wind Yang’s every move can be described as well-planned
To control the initiative in a battle is to win half the battle.
Looking at Qian Dong with a frown, he sneered, "Now you should know how capable you are?"