"hey!" The woman who picked the curtain came in and shouted softly
"Ah?" Zhao Ji just came to my mind.
The woman seems to have been teased by Zhao Ji’s stupidity. Bowing her head and covering her mouth is a smile for a while.
Zhao Ji, who has just returned to the soul, is once again in vitro.
"Is it really a fairy sister?" Once again, Zhao Ji rubbed his eyes and was sure that there was a real person standing in front of him.
Until now, Zhao Ji actually hasn’t seen the true face of the woman. The beauty is covered with a fine gauze, and her facial features are like a mist, but she has made Zhao Ji swoon and can’t help herself. If you take off the veil,
Zhao Ji, a talented person, was inspired by generate. He quickly walked to the front of the case and dipped his pen in ink for a while. It turned out that he had completed a beautiful picture in an instant. When he wanted to draw an inscription, he suddenly saved himself from knowing this female name and surname.
"Can the fairy elder sister give her name?" Zhao Ji has brought some kind of fanaticism in his admiration.
"I’m surnamed Li …" The woman looked away. "Teacher!"
Li Shishi?’ Zhao Ji was overjoyed "Good name!" Sleeve put pen to paper and wrote three thin gold characters "Teacher’s Drawing" at the beginning of the painting.
Looking at the scenery in the room, Li He showed an incredible face.
Crystal floors, crystal walls, crystal ceilings and … crystal baths.
The whole house is made of a large piece of crystal with defects. No wonder the crystal screen wall that enters the door is engraved with the three characters of Crystal Palace.
Not so. Through the crystal ceiling, Li He can actually see a few colorful strange fish swimming leisurely in it. In the ceiling, there is a living water interlayer to raise fish, and some scattered coral snails make people feel like they are in the underwater world.
There was a crystal rockery next to the bath, from which spring water flowed out of the water, and the fog curled up. The owner of this Fanlou actually introduced hot spring running water into this tallest building.
There are fresh peach petals scattered in the pool, and I don’t know where I can find peach blossoms this season.
The whole house is a hot spring bath layout without a bed and a chair.
Zhao Ji and Gao Qiu have been talking ambiguously. Li He has also heard the fog cover. Until now, he also knows that Zhao Ji invited himself to come out and learn from this knowledge tonight, but it has never been clear.
As soon as Li He entered the room, he repeatedly lamented that the bathroom was unique and extravagant, and that it could make people take a bath and wash out the Dragon Palace. It was indeed a rare feeling, but it was not bragging.
Will Zhao Ji learned to recognize the simple bath Li He naturally won’t brush Zhao Ji’s good pleasure and remove his clothes and jump into the bath.
"oh!" A comfortable groan from Li He’s nose means that he doesn’t like to enjoy his personality, and he can’t help but feel a little intoxicated because of excessive comfort.
"Huh?" Li He just closed his eyes and opened his eyes to see the door, only to see a beautiful woman pick a curtain and enter the house behind her, but she still led a girl.
"Xiang, Xiang Gong!" When the girl called Li He, she bowed her head and twitched her nose, but she looked like a face of injustice.
"Yinger!" The woman behind a cold face shouted at.
The girl was shaking her feet and forced herself to kneel by the pool before Li He.
Li He is a little strange. The girl’s reaction is only to see that the beautiful woman reveals a sorry smile. Judo "My daughter is the first time to serve guests. Don’t take it amiss, but I spoiled her when I was a child."
"Oh!" Li He nodded and felt that the woman was gentle and easy to speak, so she leaned against the wall of the pool and closed her eyes, but she heard a sound of water after the undressing, and the mother and daughter actually took off their clothes and went to the pool.
Li He still remembers that Gao Qiu told himself to watch everything and let others do it without asking questions.
In this word, Li He understood Gao Qiu’s meaning, but he was worried that he would be laughed at if he showed no knowledge.
Thought of here, Li He couldn’t help but feel warm, so the mother and daughter were busy themselves and still ignored them with their eyes closed.
"Officer person, please come this way. I want to rub the back and loosen the bones for the officer person." The gentle voice rang again.
Li He had to open his eyes this time, but he was relieved to see that both mother and daughter were wearing a Chinese-style chest covering.
Gao Qiu’s great family lives in it. Although Li He doesn’t want others to wait on him, he also knows that the owners in these big giants have maids to wait on them. It’s not unacceptable to be waited on for a bath. After all, he has never had the experience of bathing with the opposite sex, and he is still not used to it.
Li He didn’t look at the mother and daughter for the first time until now.
That woman’s face is beautiful, but it’s not the kind that makes people feel amazing. If she sees her facial features at first sight, she may not leave any impression in her mind, but if she is gentle and graceful, the best agarwood is generally a touch of light, but it can last for a long time after months, Mika.
At this time, standing in the water, the thin silk Chinese-style chest covering clings to the skin after touching the water, which is the beauty, but it still makes people feel dignified
The girl was hiding behind her mother at this time, but she was peeking at Li He.
The girl looks a little older than Jou-fu, and she is also about fifteen or sixteen years old. Her facial features are extremely delicate, especially her eyes are full of aura, and she seems to be able to speak. Generally speaking, people will never forget her beauty, but she is better than Nai-mu. If she has to wait two years for her figure to grow up, she will be a stunning beauty with a dangerous level.
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Chapter 15 Mother and daughter
Li He is looking at the mother and daughter, and the mother and daughter are also looking at Li He.