"Not bad"
Arroyo light should be a pour also face-changing "I’ve been swallowing poison for decades and it’s all exploded in that day, but you and I can’t resist you?" !”
"Boom …"
Say Arroyo’s hands slightly spread out, and immediately the same purity than the method of art really Yuan poured out crazily and filled this place with imprisonment.
Auxiliary law strong unexpectedly also will Sang Na momentum oppression.
"What? !”
Suddenly Sang Na was frightened to disgrace, and then he killed his heart and attacked Arroyo without reservation. Several elders took off their shackles at the moment and joined the war at the same time.
"Today is the day when Arroyo dies!"
At the moment, the drum tower is in chaos, murder is rampant, and the fighting is fierce and unusual. In addition, there are several thousands of butterfly masters outside who are constantly impacting and imprisoning this light curtain, and there are signs of weakness.
Only one person, quiet inside.
"If you go to Arroyo like this, you will lose."
Qinchuan thought to himself.
Only after listening to Arroyo’s dialogue with Sang Na did I know that Arroyo’s terrorist gas explosion that day was caused by consuming all the poisons before exhaustion. No wonder it made many top experts present at that time so fearful.
However, this means that Arroyo no longer has the terrible threat as before.
Although I don’t know what way to practice the pure method through the Wu Dian, I still have little experience, but I’m not as skilled as others. At a glance, Qinchuan has seen those maple family guards besieged the dead and wounded in succession in Sang Na Thousand Butterflies.
It has gradually become Arroyo playing against several people in Sang Na.
"She is so convinced that I will come …"
Qinchuan suddenly remembered that Arroyo had asked Luo Lang to give her words last night, and it seemed as if she had already calculated that she would come, so she would not stand by and watch. Her plan was really perfect.
Then qinchuan bitten to grind.
I was calculated by Arroyo again.
All of a sudden, Arroyo’s style is similar to the magic blood erosion method. The purple fog surges from an elder’s body and kills one person. After that, the footsteps retreat and are calculated by Sang Na. In gaining momentum, a fierce attack fog turns into many tiny butterflies, which rush towards her.
Arroyo, however, didn’t respond because he was dodging, and watched the butterflies with poisonous fog surging towards him.
"Shout …"
Looked at qinchuan some indignation with a sigh.
"Chaos is too virtual polaron!"
The mind moves, the true yuan moves, the strange purple turns into a strange purple, and the mixed yuan tactic condenses strength and toughness. It is stronger than Fuxi Taiji diagram, which firmly blocks the light on the side of Arroyo leaves. The black lines of Tai Chi and divination are a little weird but several times stronger than the pure mixed yuan tactic.
"Boom …"
Blinking thousands of tiny butterflies form a poisonous fog, which suddenly attacks and violently collides with the Taiji diagram, but then it is swallowed up by the rapid solution.
A touch of breeze suddenly appeared beside Arroyo in Qinchuan.
"Who? !”
Sang Na face a change that the remaining three thousand butterfly patriarch is also a body shock Sang Na scattered together will qinchuan two people around the central.
"There you are."
Arroyo can only hear the sound of Qinchuan lightly, saying,
Heart is full of joy, she knew qinchuan will come; Qinchuan helped her do all this, not a deal, not a magic baby flower.
Qinchuan without words still looked at several people around the dragon ridge appeared in the hand.
If you can’t figure it out yourself, you will follow it. If you say that the magic baby flower is rooted, you don’t know Arroyo’s plan, and it’s even more impossible to know that your eyes will be in danger. You have to wait for Arroyo to solve it. Sang Na will ask for the magic baby flower, which is Arroyo’s own business.
But now that I’m here, I don’t want to entangle myself when I meet Arroyo in distress. Anyway, I can’t let Arroyo know that the magic baby flower is dead
Heart sank a evil ShaQi slowly spread out from qinchuan body.
"Is it you?"
Sang Na was surprised after seeing the face of Qinchuan.
"Do you want to do this?"
Qinchuan ignored Sang Na and asked Arroyo’s sentence beside him. Well, Sang Na once murdered himself, even if it wasn’t the magic baby flower, it was time for her to fight.
"Catch her"
Arroyo replied that it was a little less dignified and relaxed than before.
With Qinchuan’s participation in this place, it is expected that Qinchuan will capture Sang Na firmly. She has always admired those maple people who died or were injured and brought to Arroyo to do superficial work. Worse, they are still Louxia people.
"You can fight me …"
Sang Na’s angry words haven’t finished yet, and Qinchuan has been attacked by popular diseases. In front of her, she made a decisive war, and the white light came up and bombarded her.
"Looking for death!"
A reluctance, but don’t hesitate, Sang Na’s footsteps retreat and form a defensive technique.
At the same time, Arroyo’s figure suddenly burst into a red skirt, swaying like dancing, and the bloody long silk suddenly rushed out like a sharp arrow and attacked the other three elders.
"Whew …"