Guan Yao snorted lightly. He didn’t say too much, and he didn’t look so cold and cheerless for a long time. Then he walked slowly away and left Qinchuan with a lonely figure.
white robes purer than snow
Chapter 22 Qi Yun Tian
Compared with this time in the morning, the weather is better. Many clouds are scattered and the sun is shining, but it is a sight of Wan Liqing.
"I heard that Qi Yuntian’s kendo attainments are not low."
Ye Qiuji beside Qinchuan at this time, although it seems to be Qinchuan talking, it is actually a side wake-up official Yao. I don’t know anyway, he has always been afraid of official Yao and rarely speaks official Yao.
But it seems that the former Qinchuan is the same. How has it changed recently …
After hearing this, Qinchuan secretly nodded his head.
Although the repair level of Qi Yuntian is not very high, it is not a strong opponent like most other younger brothers.
"I know"
Gave Ye Qiuji an oblique official Yao cold way.
Ye Qiuji smiled wryly, but with a casual look, he caught a glimpse of Qi Yuntian coming out of the crowd and seemed to be preparing for the next competition.
"Here he comes."
Then Qinchuan followed Ye Qiuji’s eyes and looked at the past, but his heart trembled for a long time.
Seeing that Qi Yuntian is very clean and tidy at this time, although there is still a little stubble left in his face, he usually smells different, his eyes are wooden and his behavior is a big rebellion, but Qi Yuntian is so arrogant today. How can he be so stiff?
He is not Qi Yuntian!
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s heart was frightened, and his mind quickly felt that he was hidden in Qi Yun Tian’s body, Zhen Yuan, and his face suddenly went up and down with a dignified look.
Really Qiyun Tianshan went!
See qinchuan change officer yao look a tight but didn’t ask.
"I am separated from one!"
Qinchuan at this time did not explain to the official Yao made an expression of eyes and did not care whether the other party could understand it or not, and he had already sprinted towards the mountain.
Something happened
At this time, most of the elder brothers at Luoyan Peak went to the summit of the Sword Platform to watch the meeting. There was almost no figure at the gate of the pavilion and the Danta was even more deserted.
Suddenly, a figure jumped into the courtyard where Xiao Jian lived, but the murder suddenly disappeared.
"The old guy told you to mind your own business."
A cold hum will see Jian Xiao clutching his blood, his neck full of fear, like a whine, but he couldn’t make a sound. After a while, he came to life and became a dead body.
And the killer is Qi Yuntian.
Spit angrily. At this time, the blade of Qi Yun Tian’s ferocious hand is dyed with a bright red faint magic breath. Although it is a cassock, it has no right way.
This Jian Xiao’s clinging to the batch of medicinal materials has delayed his holy teaching plan for several days, and even more, he has allowed himself to stay in this depressed and wild goose peak for these days. If Fuxi Taoism has made such slow progress in recent years, he would have been driven by the black robe as if he were treating people.
Thinking about Qi Yun Tian couldn’t help kicking Jian Xiao’s body.
Suddenly eyes and ears move qi yun suddenly turned around.
Only to see a Fuxi brother standing outside the door, Su Bai Daofa sword has been unsheathed and out of the whole body, Daofa Zhenyuan method has spread depressedly and locked him angrily.
"Just in time to solve you, by the way."
Qi Yun Tian said a cold hum and a drop of blood dropped as soon as the blade turned.
"Damn you."
Qinchuan sink a way 1
Before the sword platform, he found that the "Qi Yun Tian" was another person who easily perceived that the real Qi Yun Tian had come to Danta, and the heart was not good. He just left everyone behind, but it was still too late. At this time, Brother Xiao had been killed
A touch of sadness came to my mind, and my expression flashed with a sharp spirit.
Although this Jian Xiao has no intimacy, it is rare for him to look at people before, even more so. He believes that his death in Jiyun’s heavenly sword has aroused his anger.
"You can really beat me!"
Suddenly, a complete drink of Qi Yun Tian’s magic word really surged out with both hands holding a sword, and with a wave of his hand, it was a flame of black gas galloping out with a strong breeze whistling towards Qinchuan.
Burn your heart!
Mix yuan tactic to cast and dissolve Qi Yuntian’s attack. Qinchuan’s body retreated to the courtyard, and his eyes were not afraid of color.
Although this Qi Yun Tian is not too weak in the magic way repair, but with his own surface strength at this time, there is no need to be afraid. If he says that the magic way weakness is clearer than anyone else.
Qi Yun Tian’s body suddenly appears to be chasing him out and killing him more and more.
"Frozen ice!"
Immediately qinchuan single-handed print up but did not stop in front of Qi Yun Tian, but behind it, a wall of ice was condensed out, which was immediately attacked by an extremely fast and too fast tactic, and quickly cast its royal popularity to the left of Qi Yun Tian.
In an instant, two too-empty strategics and green light rushed to Qi Yuntian at the same time, and both sides were attacked and broken at the same time.
"So soon? !”
Qi yun heart dark scold a but also dare not hesitate to retreat to dodge to the right. No one cares about this. It’s so perfect in the hands of this Qinchuan. Although I don’t know if there is any other power besides fast, I’m afraid of one thousand.
Thinking about my heart is full of anger.