Lu Li grunted, "Are you a fairy? Even if it’s a flower demon at most. "
The beautiful woman was not angry and said indifferently, "Is there a difference between Hua Xian Flower Demon and you?"
Lu Li nodded and said, "This is also true for me. Lu Li is going to Crazy Soul Ridge. Do you know where it is?"
Lotus fairy shook her head and said, "I was born and raised here and I don’t know anything about the outside world. If you agree, we might as well go together."
Lu Li muses, "Go hand in hand? But you have to listen to my command. "
Lotus fairy laughed. "It’s up to you to decide everything. I also want to see the outside world."
"Then let’s go."
Lotus fairy nodded with a smile and floated to Lu Li’s side and left the pond with him.
Moonlight and lotus fairy walked straight south for an hour or so and came to a cliff.
The probe looked at the cliff and was surprised. "What the hell is this dark place?"
Lotus fairy’s beautiful face showed a little uneasiness. "There are some weird things in this place. Let’s make a detour."
Lu Li grunted, "There is no way to bypass."
Lotus fairy smell speech not language seems to be this only to find that at a young age was so aloof.
Staring at the cliff and leaving the right eye, the light gathered in the darkness and saw the cliff environment clearly
It’s an abyss, and the bare rocks stand upright like sharp knives.
In Guaishi Forest, there are one or three monsters with three different heads, namely, snake head, fish head and bird head. The bodies are piled up like mountains, and the specific shape is not visible.
Lu Li indecision said, "It’s the first time I’ve seen the three-headed monster, but I don’t know if he’s good."
Lotus fairy asked, "What three-headed monster?"
Lu Li pointed to the cliff and sneered, "There is a monster with three heads on it, and its body is like a hill."
Lotus fairy exclaimed, "three heads is very powerful. Let’s not provoke it."
Lu Li snorted, "Are you scared?"
Lotus fairy asked, "Aren’t you afraid?"
Lu Li proudly said, "I am fearless. Will I be afraid of it?"
Lotus fairy a face of wry smile without a conversation.
Lu centrifugal ignore her staring at the cliff thinking about coping.
I learned a lot of strange moves and observed them when I met those mountain spirits and ghosts in the Heron Mountain.
Now that the lotus fairy has mastered the aura operation, she can observe things more thoroughly, and she can clearly feel the momentum from the cliff monster body.
This is a kind of’ hidden’ potential, which generally means that everything can reveal itself or converge on its own in a measure.
At present, the cliff three-headed monster is resting without being disturbed by the outside world, and the momentum is hidden and it is difficult to tell.
If stimulated, the aggressive momentum shown by anger is called” potential.
Generally speaking, the potential is directly clear, and the accurate measurement of the algorithm can also be seen.
Hidden potential is more obscure, unless you have a unique vision or strength far superior to the other party, you can see the other party probably.
Now Lu Li has carefully observed the situation of the three monsters through his magical right eye and found that this guy is stronger than expected.
Looking away, I looked at the front. About two miles away from the abyss, there is a plain that has been spreading south.
If you cross the abyss and fly directly to the plain, you can avoid the three-headed monster on this cliff and continue to move south.
Lotus fairy noticed the change of landing departure expression and asked in time, "Why don’t we just fly there?"
Lu Li snorted, "Doesn’t that mean I’m afraid of it?"
Lotus fairy asked, "What do you want?"
Lu Li sneered, "I want to bury it in the face."
Lotus fairy hesitated, "I’m afraid it will swallow us before we bury it in the ground."
Lu Li said, "That’s better. Let’s just break its heart and gut and make it die."
Lotus fairy wry smile way "you also want to too easy"
Lu Li said, "Don’t think highly of your opponent, so that you can win."
Lotus fairy way "that will die earlier"
Lu Li said angrily, "If you want to be afraid, go back and follow me by yourself, and you have to listen to me."
Lotus fairy smell speech silence chose silence.
Lu Li’s eyes pointed at the cliff and said, "We managed to crush this cliff and kill it with neat stones."
Lotus Fairy Road "I don’t think this whole cliff can be smashed to death."
Lu Li snorted, "Don’t hurt it less, that’s enough. Come on, cut the crap."
The Lotus Fairy retreated several tens of feet away from each other. After a few simple discussions, the two men launched two beams of light with different colors together and hit the hard rock to make a deafening noise.
By then, the whole cliff will collapse and a lot of falling rocks will roll, filling up the whole abyss.
Lu Li’s face smiled proudly. "I told you this way would work. The three-headed monster had to be buried alive even if he didn’t die."
Lotus fairy looked uneasy and whispered, "I hope as you said, we’d better go."