"Almost?" The pianist glared. "Not too much difference!"
"Always give it a try!" Yip hon said to find the warhead flaw, but no matter how you look at it, you can’t find a place to do it.
Yip hon hesitated for a moment, intending to pry a few rivets first, and then he was stopped by the pianist before he started. "No, you can’t mess with your hands!"
The pianist said, "The Leigong warhead dismantlement proposal is to blow up the missile!"
No matter how strong the nuclear warhead is, it has to be launched before it can hit the target. Since there is a missile in this base, there is no egg to blow up the missile nuclear warhead.
"agree!" Gao said without hesitation
The gun and explosion in the line are very obvious. The pianist did not dare to neglect the horse. He took out the plastic explosive from the equipment box behind him and put a piece of timed detonation device on the warhead. "The fisherman ruined the photo system for me!"
"Roger that!" Yip hon turned around just a few gun bullet cut off the layout of the wall line and immediately plunged the most surface platform into darkness.
In this way, it is difficult to find the missile time bomb even before the North American soldiers come to restore the photos.
The pianist brought three pieces of plastic explosives with him, and they were all relieved after arranging all the explosives at different heights.
"Where are we going?" Yip hon asked worriedly
The pianist didn’t answer, but typed again "The boss is ready!"
"Horse out!"
"Fifteen minutes when you detonate when you are also grasping … fourteen minutes and forty-four seconds!"
Inform Gao Hou Qin Shi about the situation and relax. "Let’s go and see the door where the North Baseball Soldiers come out!"
"good!" Yip hon promised to come without hesitation.
The road is the most familiar, but it can lead to the giant ant cave and return to the root of the cave. There is no place to find another way out.
Giant ants have appeared in the base. There may be hundreds of giant ants behind every explosion-proof door. There will be no giant ants in the passage with the northern soldiers.
Chapter 323 Accident
When the two men rushed to the middle platform of the platform line, Yip hon suddenly heard a few unusual knocks behind him. Looking back, he was startled.
When the two men came, I didn’t know when a few giant ants were drilled out of the passage. They were eating the bodies of the North Bar soldiers on the platform. A few giant ants had just emerged from the passage, and their worm legs kept knocking on the steel plate.
"Giant ants go-"Yip hon binge drinking two people to accelerate again.
Yip hon suddenly remembered that two people didn’t seem to have the explosion door after leaving the passage, and the early warning mines in the corridor were discharged by the pianist.
I don’t know if I found Ye Bian’s trail. Those giant ants seem to have found the direction. Move the worm legs together and chase the iron ladder.
The pianist jumped up to a north baseball soldier in a few steps, grabbed the dead body, turned around with a rocket launcher, and was going to show the giant ants something.
Ye Han grabbed the pianist’s arm. "Leave them alone and go!"
The pianist was startled to find that the giant ants had slowed down, and the tentacles of the ants quickly swung away. The three giant ants all jumped on the bodies of the nearest North Bat soldiers.
More encrypted tapping from the top of your head is like raindrops falling.
Ye Han grabbed the pianist and ran to the surface. "Let’s go and never come again!"
The pianist was almost pulled to the ground by Yip Han, and he took a few steps to regain his balance. He rushed to the platform as quickly as possible while the giant ants were eating the corpse of the North Bat soldiers.
The ant colony didn’t care to support the two men when they left. The ant colony searched for their prey one after another, and every corpse of the North Bat soldier became a giant ant vying for the target.
There are too many giant ants gathered together, and the platform root is about two meters wide, so there is no way to bear so many giant ants. Several giant ants were squeezed out of the railing by their companions, waving their worm legs and falling from Ye Bian’s side, and then they came down to the bottom of the well and hit hard.
Two people didn’t even concentrate on running to the escape route when they took a look.
More and more giant ants fell from the platform, but they could still hear the heavy touch on the ground, but the heavy impact became lighter and lighter. Ye Han flew out of the platform and found that the giant ants falling in front were dead and could not die any more. A few lucky giant ants hit their companions and soon got up again.
However, these giant ants are not in a hurry to grab food, but huddle together at the bottom of their heads.
Yip hon didn’t have a chance to destroy the bottom hole photo. An inconspicuous reflection suddenly came into the submachine gun lens from the ant head gathering position. Yip hon’s mind suddenly flashed a flash-pheromones must be pheromones!
Just now, he threw the last bottle of pheromone out as a Grenade, and the reflection must have come from breaking the pheromone bottle!
However, I figured out why I didn’t fart, but it made Yip Han tremble. A whole bottle of pheromone was thrown into the silo. How many giant ants did this attract?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help stepping up his steps and wished that the horse would fly into that passage.
The violinist didn’t know Yip Han’s idea, and then he suddenly lifted the rocket launcher, which he had never lost, and there was a huge explosion at the iron ladder on the platform, from which the iron ladder broke.
"Let’s go-"Yip hon voice did not fall head suddenly to steel distortion sound two people consciously looked up and startled to find that the surface platform has been filled with giant ants, a large number of giant ants piled up high and the platform was crumbling.
Two people’s eyes almost didn’t fall out, like a rabbit with an arrow in the middle, and the platform full of giant ants suddenly fell off, and the two men fled regardless.
Whether to rush to the predetermined passage or not, the two of them rushed to the nearest explosion door tacitly, and when their fingers were pulled out, they twisted the knocker, and they pushed the explosion door together and jumped into the door regardless.
There was a loud crash and I don’t know where it hit. Countless giant ants fell from the sky and smashed the bottom of the well.
However, Ye Bian, who rushed into the passage, was startled to find that there were two dozen soldiers armed with rifles in front of them. Both sides didn’t expect this sudden encounter to be stunned at each other.
Ye Bian two people leng enemy here north baseball soldiers are surprised they see things.
Finally, a quick-witted North baseball soldier shouted, and a dozen people raised their rifles together.
Yip hon and the pianist didn’t react slowly, but they were beaten by the north baseball team.
The corridor is more than two meters wide, and the two of them have neither place to hide nor time to hide. They immediately chisel the front of the power armor.
The strength of one warhead is very small, and the strength of two warheads is not strong either. But in an instant, dozens and hundreds of bullets are fired to chisel two power armor, which is like being pushed back by a strong man. The two of them were pushed back by the impact of the bullets and almost returned to the silo.
However, the two men did not flinch and fired their guns at the North Bat soldiers.
The distance between the two sides was too close to reality, and the baseball soldiers didn’t escape from Yip Han’s gun. Fifty bullets were fired in one breath, and the pianist played the same one in the gun.
After lighting the gun and being shot, the two men did not hesitate to give up their guns and took out their leg pistols. However, there was no target in the passage for them to continue shooting. Twenty north baseball soldiers all fell to the ground, most of them were completely ruined, and a few north baseball soldiers had a breath left.
The pianist was about to close the explosion-proof door and Ye Han said without looking back, "Let’s make some trouble for the North baseball soldiers."
Qin Zheng immediately nodded his head.
Although some preventive measures can be taken to arrange the time bomb in the silo, there is still a danger of being cleared.
However, after the giant ants rushed into the silo, the situation was not so simple. To launch missiles, the silo must be taken back first.
There are so many giant ants in the silo that they are not vegetarians, and they don’t know how to discharge the giant ants. The more giant ants there are in the silo, the lower the possibility that the North American Army will recover the silo. Even if it is forcibly recovered, it is not easy to remove all the giant ants. So many giant ants can drag on for fifteen minutes without moving.
Yip hon took the gun forward and carefully avoided the body of the North Bat soldier. A North Bat soldier kept coughing up blood and leaned against the wall. The big blood came out of his mouth, but when he saw Yip hon, he had the strength to pull out a Grenade.
Yip hon shot through the north baseball soldier’s skull, and the north baseball soldier’s arm was soft and heavy, and he was about to shake hands with thunder.
"Let’s go!" The two men started to run deep in the corridor, changing their rifles and submachine guns into new magazines as they ran.