The overjoyed general immediately became familiar with the encryption, which made the general tremble slightly. The special decryption chip was only available to the general here and the members of the military commission. I immediately saw the video from the perspective of Gaohe helmet.
The video recorded by Gao He is not very long, just over 30 minutes, but it is enough to say that the ice video effectively supplements some limitations of Gao He’s vision. These two videos, together with what Major General Jones said, are enough to throw all the people in the military department and the general staff into a military court.
If General Gao He can let Gao He directly restrict the special documents to control these people first, it’s a pity that Gao He is not available now and the general limit is not enough to deal with these problems first and then. The only feasible way to ask for instructions first is to ask for instructions first.
All members of the military commission of the Ma Lian requested an emergency meeting? According to the request, the general suddenly realized in his mind that if so, the general staff would definitely know about the emergency meeting, so that things would definitely startle him, and a normal meeting could be used to cover it up in another way.
It is easy to arrange such a meeting, and the results of kidnapping cases can be reported one after another. If the meeting has reached the military standard of missing when preparing for it, the meeting can report the results.
But the general’s mind kept flashing the last scene of Gaohe video.
"General, it’s an honor for you to command the battle!" Simple and simple, a standard military salute makes even decades-old veterans still can’t help but have red eyes. The meaning of this sentence is self-evident.
Don’t sacrifice the crane like this? The code communication just now is obviously that Gao He sent a signal to cover the sending of confidential mail, and secondly, it should be that Gao He has ulterior motives, which the general just realized.
In the small base, which has been in a mess, the high crane put away its reincarnation and slowly sat in the reincarnation, causing the hurricane to quickly move away from the dust blowing all over the sky in several directions. Some bodies in military uniforms can be faintly seen in the huge wind column.
"The first ground attack!" The words flashed through Gao He’s mind. I wonder what will come next. Is the warship bombed directly?
Chapter one hundred and sixty The boat ()
"The commander in charge of this operation is either an idiot or someone who lives in this base." Just sit around and watch the hurricane go away and casually say 1.
Gao He agreed with Bing Sha that it was very reasonable. If the commander knew that this place was full of practitioners, he would never send a large group of ground troops to die. Although Gao He saw that the soldiers had good military literacy, he still had to kill them after meeting each other.
Those people who have been in such close contact with Qianfeng, together with their light vehicles and equipment, have been swept away by the hurricane, but Gao He believes that the information that the two of them are now in this base has been sent out, which is exactly what Gao He wants.
Both of them are not waiting for the support of the rear warships, so they should give each other a false impression. Both of them are separated from the planet and the news has not been sent out. That’s enough. It really makes Gao He sit here and wait for being bombed by warships. Gao He asks himself that he has no such noble consciousness.
The hurricane caused by Qian wind even if Gao He did not dare to face them directly for a short time. They have already suffered from this in the desert, and it was because Qian Feng controlled the wind stone that Gao He’s private battleship was buried in the desert. I don’t know if it was dug up in the desert. Although it is not a desert, there are few things in a plain that can alleviate the wind obstacles. These hurricanes will not disappear so easily in a short time.
The hurricane affects the nearby base, even if there are small warships, it may not be able to set sail. It is also considered that when the hurricane won a part for Gaohe, it was enough for Gaohe and Bingsha to travel to a hidden place and wait for those people to keep searching. However, Gaohe and Bingsha’s character avoidance is not that they choose to take the initiative to attack, but their style of doing things.
The best way to make their warships lose their weapons is not to let them take off. Unfortunately, Gaohe and Bingsha are not sure that the whole planet has a base. They can temporarily get a recent base from Jones, and the planet is not as bad as Gaohe’s base. It is obviously unreasonable to have a base, even if the whole base can be destroyed, there is no way to ensure that no other base will be attacked by warships.
If this method works, then we can choose another scheme. When Gaohe and Bingsha are both in a special area, such as a slightly larger military base, of course, it is not the present small base. If those people can’t make up their minds to send Gaohe and them to the West together with the base, then their powerful weapons will be equivalent to the fact that all the departments have been abandoned.
However, even the nearest base is still more than 1000 kilometers away from here, so it takes about four hours to drive a Jones command vehicle without roads.
It is difficult for Gaohe to continue to make hurricanes or to set off for more than 1,000 kilometers. Even if the hurricane energy is enough to affect the flight of warships, it is impossible for those warships that have already taken off to be affected. To understand this, Gaohe still sets off for that base with ice evil spirits.
It’s better for Wang Yong and Jones to hide in their original places, and at least there will be no news of life-threatening problems. After their mission, Gao He will create a false impression to confuse the enemy. When trying to win over General Zhao Qi, they should be alive and give those people a false impression that they can be destroyed at any time, so that they can send their people to play with them. Then the whole thing will be completed successfully.
Of course, Gao He and Bing Sha have to make an image of being hunted down, but they can’t appear particularly capable. After all, there are still a few people who know that Major General Jones was going to deal with their 300-meter secret room at that time, which seems to be more important than locking their whereabouts and attacking with powerful weapons?
Gao Hejian believes that there must be a warship watching Major General Jones’s car too much, otherwise a small warship would not have passed so soon to send Wang Zhe away, so that the ice and magnetism blocked all signals, otherwise the hiding place of the two men would have to be exposed.
The result of the first ground attack has made the commander of the other side determine that these are two enemies who will not surrender, but they are really lucky. This kind of weather in Wan Liyun is abnormal, and there is a super hurricane in the first attack. The two enemies are completely damaged.
Obviously, at present, the commander has not received instructions from the face, and no one has told him that two people and one car can be solved by a small attack ship. Even if the car is a special battlefield command vehicle, it has excellent bulletproof performance and certain interference ability, but it is enough to bomb a car with a little bulletproof ability and a small attack ship with the support of the battlefield.
The direction of the ice evil spirit was twisted rapidly, and just the direction of the car crashed, and the warship attacked Ga-i almost exploded. At the same time, the car suddenly stopped. Gao He and the ice evil spirit walked out of the car as if they were on vacation and looked at the place not far from the sky, followed by several explosions. However, it seems that the trajectory seems to have touched something impenetrable. It is obviously a piece of cake for the ice evil spirit Xuan Bing cover to resist this kind of attack.
Looking up, I looked at the small battleship Bing Sha, who was already very arrogant and hovering not far ahead, with an impatient tone. "Make a quick decision and we have to hurry!" Never look at it again and drill straight back into the car.
The high crane’s hand flashed in reincarnation, and the commander of the warship in his hand let the warship hover to show off the demonstration. See that the high crane suddenly has an extra individual weapon with an energy box array, unlike the individual anti-ship gun, which can also fight against the warship?
Shielded the central exit of reincarnation, so as not to cause a hurricane. When the warship Gaohe pulled the trigger not far away, a huge honeycomb object fell from the sky and hit the ground hard in less than ten seconds.
Chapter one hundred and sixty The boat ()
The metallic real armor-piercing characteristics are better than those of the current military special armor-piercing projectiles. Now Gaohe has seen all the range objects that are not honeycombed by reincarnation, even the military warships are no exception, which makes Gaohe very happy and deliberately went to the front of the crashed warship to carefully see the armor-piercing effect.
Very good, even a small warship can fly in the middle of the space, and it can withstand the pressure of the warship department. The hull is not ordinary material, not counting the armor thickness of the hull, and there are more than half a meter of recurrent saturation attacks. The trajectory of the projectile is a bullet hole from front to back, without exception.
The people inside have already been smashed into a sieve. Although it is only ten seconds, there are already hundreds of bullet holes in the hull, which are dense but extremely uniform. Even Gaohe feels very satisfied that reincarnation is his magic weapon. There is no weight problem and his own interest. The most important thing is reincarnation or an epoch-making magic weapon. No one has ever designed a magic weapon by component design before. It is definitely a historical precedent.
I am extremely dissatisfied with this. The magic weapon is good or bad, and the cultivation should be proportional. There are not many lucky people like Gao He, but his reincarnation can mislead many people. Not everyone has the opportunity to get such a good thing as Qianfeng. In theory, there is nothing wrong with her words, except a small exception occasionally.
Now there is less than half an hour away from the base. The warships on the road must be looking at whether it should be here. When the waves are here, the crane is also white. However, the small excitement caused by the first close observation of reincarnation has delayed. However, Mata realized his mistake and smiled at the ice and urged the ice to brake.
"The two men are close to the base? What about the attack ship? Destroyed? That’ll be the day! What weapons do they have? Time is too short, distance is too far to see clearly? Idiot, where are they? Near the base? Ma ordered everyone to be alert! "
It seems that the whole base suddenly sounded the attack alarm and immediately became murderous. All the personnel in the base were made up of military fighters, and each of them took up their weapons and quickly ran to their guard posts, looking at all directions outside the base.
Just recently, the hurricane has caused a wave of chaos to the base, and several buildings that are not very strong have been overturned by that unprecedented gale. Fortunately, the people inside have received the hurricane warning and have taken refuge in the strong fortress, so there are no casualties, but those material losses are also a headache.
Less than 20 minutes after the hurricane warning subsided, there was another enemy attack warning. Although these are not tiring things for the soldiers’ physical strength, it always gives people an unrealistic feeling that there are no other buildings around this lonely place for thousands of kilometers except military bases. Will there be a ground invasion warning?
If there are warships in the sky, it may make everyone believe more, but almost everyone’s field of vision is full of swaying earth and stone plants without even a moving shadow. Exercise!
The base commander is also very angry now. One base, three full-fledged ground brigades, one full-fledged warship wing, one full-fledged logistics brigade and one full-fledged communication and medical brigade add up to four or five thousand people who are scared like this in the face of two people.
Did the former weird hurricane make an entire special brigade disappear and make him scared? That’s a special brigade with the strongest combat effectiveness on the ground. Even if everyone in the base adds up, it may not be the well-equipped brigade opponent.
Or is it that Gao He easily destroyed a small attack ship with a single weapon and made the commander feel a little scared? It’s impossible, let alone a small attack ship, even a conventional warship is destroyed. The commander won’t be interested in a warship, but today the atmosphere is really weird and weird, so that even the orders from face to face are somewhat puzzling.
First of all, the Battleship Department took off. This is not a single base order. It seems that all bases on the planet have received such orders. Is there a war? Isn’t this place secretly occupied by the military? How can there be a war here?
If not, how come the military exercise was abrupt the day before, and then the horse came back 24 hours later, and then received an order to destroy everyone in that small base. Unfortunately, a brigade seemed to have just arrived and saw only two enemies when it was swept away by a sudden hurricane.
Now it is known that there are two enemies there, but they are given orders to stick to the base, especially the communication facilities. Even if they attack, so many people can come back alive?
Thousands of people throughout the base defended against two attacks? Even the commander thinks there are some jokes, but it’s an order and it’s strict. I don’t know what they’re up to
The other two people didn’t say their identities, but judging from the appearance and direction of those two people, the commander could vaguely tell that they were coming from the place where Major General Jones commanded the exercise. Is there anything in this?
There are dozens of people stationed for testing. How can they suddenly be occupied by these two people? What kind of invasion made them be wiped out without even calling the police?
Judging from the intercepted communication, it is obvious that the two men want the military communication facilities to hand over something, and the key point of the face-to-face command is precisely this side. The base commander is a relatively low-level military academy rank, and many confidential matters will not be removed, but the soldier is still his first choice from the command.
This tense atmosphere of the whole base soldiers lasted for more than an hour, and even the commander felt that it would last for another few hours, and the base soldiers would be slack. After discovering the signs of tension, the horse ordered a shift rest.
Whether it’s actual combat or exercise, thousands of people in a base can’t stop tourist trap from having normal soldiers because of two people, but the order has just arrived and it was not long before people found traces of being invaded in the corner of the base.
The whole base is built in a mountainous area, and the base is attacked from the surface. In addition to being able to face anti-weapons, it is generally impossible to find the attack site. The corner is built on a cliff hundreds of meters high, which is a waste channel for the treatment base. Not many people stick to it, and they didn’t expect that someone would climb from the cliff hundreds of meters in just one hour.
There were no casualties, but the two soldiers in charge here didn’t know what was stiff and couldn’t move. The strange symptoms reminded the school of something, and their faces changed greatly.
"Ma ordered three or four brigades to come to the communication room!" The enemy is coming at the communication room. There is no doubt that two small teams have been stationed there. Now the commander has sent the big teams in the past.