At that time, I drew a cognitive magic rune far beyond the times.
"Australopithecus" directly represents the most outstanding wisdom of the whole ape-man culture, and then broke away from the ape body and arrived here across several eras.
Now I am trapped in the body of a twelve-year-old boy.
He moved his body
This is really a small body that can do very limited things.
-If you want to go to the ultimate tomb quickly, you must immediately surpass this era!
Gu Qingshan turned and walked towards the auditorium.
"Goodall, you troublemaker, where are you going?" A teacher asked.
"Report to the teacher’s toilet" Gu Qingshan Road
"Come back soon and ask for it."
"It’s a teacher"
The teacher nodded and said nothing more.
Gu Qingshan walked out of the auditorium and came to the corner of the remote fence. He sank slightly and put on a boxing gesture.
A breeze flew around and circled around Gu Qingshan for a long time.
-this type comes from Lin, but it is an epiphany in the martial arts.
In this way, boxing has already surpassed the current magical age.
However, nothing happened.
Gu Qingshan is still a twelve-year-old boy.
He whispered, "the body is the prison of literature. What, I am far beyond literature and can’t move on?"
After a moment of meditation, he silently thought that the only thing he did more was to make a stone spear so that the apes could sharpen their tools.
So that the base will have the answer.
-If you want to leave an era and go to an era, you need to meet two conditions.
First, drive the whole article to make an epoch-making leap forward
The foundation shows another kind of achievement, which is far beyond the current article
If you do these two things, you can leave.
So, so, all the literary ages are constantly jumping forward-
This is much faster than simply leaving a literary age.
One less thing is this.
Gu Qingshan accepted the boxing potential and turned slowly towards the auditorium.
He met the former teacher at the entrance of the auditorium.
"Good teacher" Gu Qingshan hurriedly salute before way
"Well, what did you do again?" The teacher asked warily
Gu Qingshan has some words
-I don’t know why The six great divisions in the wheel of karma should give himself a naughty student status.
"I didn’t. I really had a stomachache just now." Gu Qingshan said honestly.
The teacher looked at him with a grain of salt.
It took a long time for the teacher to say, "Gude, you are too fond of making trouble at ordinary times. You haven’t exercised hard and studied knowledge seriously. It’s really important for you to become a knight’s attendant this time. Please keep your attitude straight."
Gu Qingshan stayed for a while.
-it turns out that this physical qualification is enough to become a knight’s attendant.
To master magic requires the body to have elemental affinity.
This basis is changed by nature and acquired method.
This is a truth recognized by the whole world
-but if you don’t study magic in the magical world, how can you go to the cutting edge of the text?
Knight is also a good way, but the knowledge is still poor. It is not enough to make people believe that obtaining resources is different.
Gu Qingshan was a little silent and suddenly said, "Is the teacher still a while away from the test in our class?"
"Well, it’s still early, and your class is last before the equipment is ready," said the teacher.
"Teacher, I’m hungry and want to get something to eat first." Gu Qingshan said.
The teacher glared at him.
He look embarrassed.
"Everyone else is so nervous, you troublemaker. You need to go to the toilet for a while and eat and drink for a while. Go ahead and come back after eating." Teacher Nai said.
"It’s a teacher" Gu Qingshan Road
He turned and ran towards the canteen.
Having a crystal card is something about life.
I still have enough money to come to dinner.
Gu Qingshan quickly walked into the canteen and went straight to the window.
"I want this, this, this, this and this."