Chu Yi gently coughed, "You didn’t notice that the previous Wanxian large array was broken, and the personal saint actually went to the scene in person, but the teacher didn’t show up. This is not normal. You didn’t notice it?"
After hearing what Chu Yi said, they couldn’t help but face a slight change. They didn’t notice it, but they didn’t have the deep meaning contained in the thought.
Suddenly Yunxiao looked at Chu Yi and said, "Teacher Chu Yi entrusted you with the interception of teaching. Does it mean that the teacher calculated that I had such a fate in interception of teaching and you can intercept teaching for a chance?"
When the Virgin suddenly looked at Chu Yi in a low voice, she said, "I don’t understand you, brother. You are that little variable. It can also be said that it is a chance for me to intercept teaching. It is precisely because of this that the teacher will entrust you with intercepting teaching?"
Can be valued by tongtian hierarch and accept DiDi around him, it can be said that no one in the field is stupid, Chu Yi and Taoist Duobao are just short of directly understanding a few people, and it would be strange if they still can’t react.
Chu Yi smell speech slightly swept a crowd, saying, "Today, I’m not going to be an outsider."
Listen to ChuYi say so-everyone is looking solemnly at ChuYi.
"I do have a way to help me escape this disaster and see if your brothers and sisters are willing?"
Hearing Chu Yi’s remarks, several people all nodded, "If you can help me intercept and escape the doom, you will kill me and wait for my life."
Chu Yi did not doubt that the people were loyal to the sense of belonging, and several people felt a message.
Digested the information field that Chu Yi came to. Everyone was stunned and looked at Chu Yi in disbelief.
Zhao Gong was even more amazed than saying, "Brother Chu, you … are you from another world in chaos?"
Chu Yi nodded and said, "I believe that everyone has heard about the lich’s great robbery in the past. Presumably, those who helped the lich escape from the robbery in that great robbery were not aliens!"
Taoist Duobao spat out a foul breath and looked at Chu Yi. "No wonder the teacher will be so decisive to give you the interception. So it seems that you are really a chance for me to intercept the interception."
Chu Yi sighed, "If you want to escape this fate, you must leave this world, otherwise even the teacher will not change this."
Another message to everyone, this time to everyone, is what happened in the original world line.
Zhao Gong, Yunxiao and others couldn’t help but become short of breath when they saw that their brother and sister were miserable and stopped teaching.
"Heaven is unfair!"
In the middle field of the original world line, everyone can say that except when the virgin escaped because of the heavenly leader, others can say that each one is worse than the other.
The Goddess of Tortoise died, Zhao Gong died, Wen Zhong died, Yunxiao was suppressed on Qilin Cliff, and Taoist Duobao was taken away by Taitai. It was said that Yu Jiejiao’s younger brother was either taken away or mounted except that Wanxian array was killed on the spot.
It is conceivable that those younger brothers who did not participate in the catastrophe intercepted teaching. Doesn’t intercepting teaching mean that Pi Maomao will attach importance to the winner’s theory of whether it is western religion or elucidation will not give elucidation a chance again?
It took a long time for everyone to stabilize their emotions. When Zhao Gong said to Chu Yi, "Brother, please tell us what to do?"
Now that they have known about the interception of the teaching ground in the original world line, they have dispelled all illusions. Don’t look at the situation, it seems that it is not so bad, but that is because Chu Yi calculated from it that the so-called trend is difficult to get smaller and the trend can be changed. No matter how hard Chu Yi tries to get them to return to heaven, the trend of heaven will push them to fall with interception.
I think so, too. The leader of Tongtian will entrust the interception to Chu Yi. Doesn’t this taste represent that the leader of Tongtian already has a way?
Presumably, if there was any other way, the leader of Tongtian could not have watched his brother being forced to stay away from this side of the world. The other side said it was an escape from doom. It sounds really nice, but isn’t it that the loser was driven away?
Chapter one thousand four hundred and fifteen Di Xin will choose to leave?
The eyes of Chu Yi are full of emotions. If you don’t know the future field of interception, it’s just that. But now I know from Chu Yi what will happen to interception in the future. If these core brothers don’t feel anything, it’s strange.
No one wants to see the end of the interception, but there is nothing they can do. Even the leader of Tongtian can’t change this ending?
Chu Yi sighed lightly, "Only by learning from the Lich Family can we escape the control of Heaven and seek a chance of survival!"
Taoist Duobao and Duke Zhao have learned about the origin of Chu Yi and made some arrangements with the leader of Tongtian. They have already thought of a solution.
Is that they are somewhat resistant to being away from this world?
At the end of the day, the growth of their side of the world will suddenly leave them, and it will be difficult to accept who it is for a while.
At the moment, from Chu Yi’s mouth, all faces are dark.
If there is a way for him, the leader of Tongtian will not choose to entrust them to Chu Yi, and Chu Yi also has no better way.
Leaving this side of the world to go against the fate is definitely asking for trouble. There is one way to live for interception, and that is to escape from the sky.
Long out of breath, Taoist Duobao’s eyes sparkled with fine mans and looked at Chu Yi’s way. "In this case, the teacher’s younger brother has plans, even though he ordered us, we will definitely cooperate with the teacher’s younger brother to keep me from teaching."
Compared with the death of the cut-off students, it naturally doesn’t matter that they are reluctant to part with each other. We can’t sit and watch the cut-off fall because we don’t give up on this side of the world.
Road flyover Duobao said that Duke Zhao, Madonna and others also said that their attitude of intercepting the core brother is naturally the most important. If even these people don’t support it, Chu Yi even can’t take away many people.
Now that Taoist Duobao and others have figured it out, Chu Yi is more than half finished, and they are no longer worried that these intercepting brothers will not leave with him.
At this moment, Wen Zhong looked at Chu Yi and said, "I don’t know what to say when I speak!"
Chu Yi looked at Wen Zhong and said, "Wen Zhong, if you have any doubts, just say so."
Zhao Gong several people are also surprised to see that Wen Zhong and Wen Zhong are now repairing, but they have all entered the quasi-sacred land. It can be said that a surname of Dashang is not only shouldering the fate of intercepting education, but also has the fortune of Dashang’s national fortune and fortune. Even not many people are better than being able to repair and improve during the disaster. This is not too far off the mark.
Wen Zhong said slowly, "If I stop teaching and leave, then the big businessmen will know everything. Will they leave with them?"
Chu Yi’s eyebrows are slightly thoughtfully on the sidewalk. "This matter is important and must be discussed with Di Xin."
Road flyover Duobao nodded, "It’s good that Di Xin humanitarian advocate Wang, a big businessman, must discuss such a big thing with him. It’s not bad if we can convince the big businessmen to escape from the sky together."
Obviously, Taoist Duobao wants to find someone to leave with the Great Shang Dynasty, which is better than leaving the younger brother alone.
See ChuYi didn’t give up big business meaning Wen Zhong breathed a sigh of relief "so brother can be at ease".
Look at Wen Zhong’s reaction, you can see that Wen Zhong is really loyal to Dashang. If he were someone else, he would probably not care too much, and he would not ask Chu Yi if he would deal with Dashang in the future.
Chu Yi simply explained a few words, and the core brothers left with a lot on their minds. After all, even if they have accepted such big news, it is impossible to calm down the psychological shock.
Chu Yi walked out of the hall and headed for a courtyard.
This courtyard is heavily guarded, and the palace guards patrol back and forth, which is the place where King Di Xin stays.
However, Chu Yi’s identity wants to enter here. Naturally, it is a smooth resistance. Soon Chu Yi met Wang Di Xin.
Di Xin is leafing through a pile of bamboo slips in a pavilion at the moment and can see that these should be big businesses that need Di Xin to handle politics.
After all, although people in Di Xin don’t sing songs, big business matters need someone to deal with them after all, and businessmen and others may replace Di Xin to deal with most things, but some things must be decided by Di Xin, even if he is in Lintong, it is rare to be at leisure.
Di Xin is not a womanizer who indulges in pleasure. At the moment, you can’t help but look up at the sound of footsteps.