Gillard sighed when he heard it, and he knew that no one in his right mind would accept this. After all, it is very likely that people will not be able to save themselves and put themselves in.
Old friend, I’ve tried my best …
Just as Gillard was disappointed, he heard Yun Nie say, "But … it is not possible."
"Oh?" Gillard’s eyes lit up. "Do you have a plan?"
"We can’t help this small fleet alone, but I have made some new friends here in Woolf Empire …"
"friends?" Gillard was stunned and then reacted. This must be the second intelligence source.
But it’s only been a few days, and this guy has developed "friends" behind enemy lines?
I’m afraid Alsace’s tongue is full of lotus diplomacy … It’s really not the wind from the cave.
"Your’ friend’ is willing to save people?" Gillard is not sure
People who meet by chance are willing to send a fleet to help you save lives, and they are likely to offend a big Lord with thousands of warships? This is not too fantastic.
"Cough! White teeth, of course, but there are some things … But Interstellar … "Yun Nie rubbed his fingers and smiled very meaningfully.
Gillard immediately came for nothing. "You mean money?"
"Of course, I know friends who don’t recognize Kinloch Yinluoke. They recognize money!" Nie Yunxiao nods
Some things can’t be kept secret from the binary star. There are so many pairs of eyes in your fleet, and even if you don’t break the star domain, it will be exposed sooner or later.
However, Catherine and others now know that they have established an alliance with a group of pirates, but they don’t know that they have been incorporated into their own pirate group
Therefore, if we want to package our diplomatic achievements as a "ghost pirate" PY transaction, then all the problems will be solved.
Pirates, of course, it is reasonable to recognize money and not people!
Think about it. By the way, taking money from the double star to hire your own pirate group, you can also make meritorious deeds and make a fortune. At the same time, you can also find a double star for the ghost pirate group, so that high-quality guests can revitalize their idle assets …
Yun Nie suddenly found himself a qualified CEO of Pirate Corps after his business talent soared recently?
It was near Zhu Zhechi!
He took away a god-moon sphere and hugged Chu, a serious worker, next to him. It was just a mouthful that provoked Chu, who was inexplicably raining, to roll his eyes.
"But we don’t have the currency of Woolf Empire?" Figured it out NieYun probably thought Gillard wondered
"We don’t need that thing. We have more valuable hard currency!" Yun Nie mysterious smile.
"What is it?"
"Energy crystal!"
Chapter five hundred and ninety Familiar with a white field
The two most consumed materials in war are weapons and energy, but these two things can usually be summed up in one … that is money!
Energy crystal is the "gold" of the interstellar era. Wherever you go, it is the dollar, yen, euro or soft sister currency. This is the natural interstellar currency.
"Energy crystal … how much do you need?" Gillard thoughtfully asked
"If it is this rescue … 1 ton!" NieYun slightly wanted to think a way
Although 1 ton is not much, it is also equivalent to the conventional energy consumption of thousands of warships in one year, which is by no means a small number. If the broken star city is converted into broken star points, it will be less than 100 million.
The ghost pirate group is too thin to continue to grow and develop. It is naturally impossible to rely on usury. Yun Nie, this is also a wave of investment in his own "startup company"
We don’t have a big appetite. Make him a hundred million first!
Black sails has Kinlock behind me, and the Ghost Pirate Corps is not bad, so it just pulled a message!
"1 ton?" Gillard couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she heard this number.
Recently, Chu Xiaoxiao’s energy crystal exchange trade volume has hit record highs, and the natural finance of the Double Star Parliament has been well-off. The threat level of the Woolf Empire has been raised to S-level, and it is also generous to allocate war materials. Gillard also has the confidence to spend money to eliminate disasters
Besides, he doesn’t have to pay for the money. The Victor family will pay for it.
"good! If your friend can save Beckman, we will pay for it! " Gillard frank way
Yun Nie took a big order and smiled. He sent the coordinates of the money directly, and the location broke the periphery of the star domain.
"This coordinate … question and answer is not big, but things may need to be sent to your hands later …"
A ton of energy crystal is not big enough for transportation, so a modified small fast ship will be loaded because the target is very small and the wormhole at the junction between the two sides is expanding, so it is not a big problem to sneak into the past.
But no matter how fast the money is sent to Nie Yun, it will take at least ten days. The question is, can Beckman last so long?
I’m afraid even the body will be cold when the money arrives …
"Don’t worry about saving people first and then paying me!" Yun Nie clap breast way