The other side’s strength is too great. Fortunately, Gu Qingshan has benefited from several life-saving dances, and his body is much stronger than before. Otherwise, it is unknown whether he can catch this punch hard.
"good boxing"
Gu Qingshan eyes lit up.
The tall woman looked at him and said, "Your sword is weaker than I thought."
"Of course you don’t have to live or die, but I don’t want to die."
Gu Qingshan rubbed his pins and needles hand way
The tall woman suddenly burst out laughing. "So you are still afraid of death after so many things."
Of course, only those who are afraid of death know how to fear death and how to deal with it.
Gu Qingshan said slowly
He pressed the sword again.
Chapter one hundred and ninety meter
Boxing shadow is like stormy waves, always trying to swallow that sword.
However, the sword can always turn the fist shadow back at the most critical place.
a breath
Two interest rates
Three interest rates
The two sides fought each other. Every time katar collided, there was a dull vibration in the air.
"You’re a pawn!" Female Gao Xiao, get up
I don’t know how she went quickly and went straight into the sword shadow and punched Gu Qingshan’s heart.
If this punch is solid, it can blow an ordinary person’s whole chest out.
And the sword in Gu Qingshan’s hand has already been stabbed out and won’t come back-
The moment has passed.
Gu Qingshan will shoot each other out again.
The tall girl rolled around and landed gently and skillfully.
"I never knew that the abyss monster boxing was so mysterious" Gu Qingshan sighed.
That’s not all. Although the other person’s body is humanoid, the structure is far from being broken by ordinary people’s swords.
She can stop a sword with her bare hands
Gu Qingshan repeatedly tried the sword and stabbed the other side several times, but he never found the weakness of the other side.
-It’s a perfect fighting body. There is no weakness at all.
"Double sword flow is not the average person can play well, most of them are grandstanding-if you are also mysterious, then your sword will become my sword and you will die your own sword." The tall woman looked at Gu Qingshan in a flat tone.