"Sister … Little Fire Spirit wants to go," said Fire Shiner in a waxy way.
"Go ahead … grab two herring belts by yourself," said Qingchi in a spoiled way.
"All right, little fish, little fish, come with me." The fire shine turned and condensed out two lines of fire and murmured.
As soon as the words were finished, the pond surface grabbed the herring and immediately fled.
This is some trouble. This pool spring is often infiltrated by the divine power of the Qing pool. As soon as the fire line is submerged in the pool water, it will bring up a mist and then dissipate.
Looking at the fire shine, some anxious samples seem to want to set stronger. The real fire Baiyun Tower gently pulled the fire shine sleeve to raise my hand and broke into a pool where Lei Guang entered. Two fat herrings immediately drifted to the pool with a stiff shape.
Fire shine foolishly smiled with one hand and one fishtail and walked behind with the master elder brother.
Haha, a smile. The Baiyun Tower is full of smoke, and several people are about to escape. Suddenly, in my mind, I think of Qingchi’s thoughts. "The head teacher younger brother’s courage and sapphire was refined into a smoke state by his younger brother, and he had dinner with his younger brother and sister, and then the elder sister came here."
Baiyunlou Nianying’s figure was like a cloud of sapphire and smoke, which fled with the wind to the front of the main hall of Wenxin Pavilion.
It’s still very lively in front of the Ask Your Heart Pavilion. It should be that Xiao Pang learned the whereabouts of the big brother from the hospital and called a group of younger brothers and sisters to the Ask Your Heart Pavilion. Moreover, it’s a week since the long case has been set up for melon and fruit snacks.
Seeing the big brother appear, all the younger brothers came to pay their respects.
Xiao pang came over and asked nervously, "Have you seen the elder sister of Qingchi? Will Luoli be okay? "
I want to tease Xiao Pang a few words, but I saw Xiao Pang’s nervous appearance. Baiyun Building took Xiao Pang’s shoulder and said, "I will take the teacher elder sister from Qingchi back to Luoshui County for the New Year …"
Xiao pang’s eyes suddenly lit up, and people also had the spirit. He smiled and called on his younger brother and younger sister to eat at will and prepare gourmet snacks.
At this time, the green ant came over and invited the white leader to the main seat. By the way, he took out the special cups and poured a glass of fruit wine.
Baiyun Tower conveniently picked up a mouthful of cold and refreshing, which seems to have been chilled.
A few days ago, I left a few ice skating skills and techniques at random in the cave. I don’t know which brother is getting started in science of uniting, but I can still learn that it is indeed a material.
"Elder Xiao Jing’s ice skating skills are very good these days," said the green ant lightly.
"Oh, you all tried to study?" Baiyun tower some asked doubtfully.
"It’s the elder Xiao Jing who said that these are all achievements in daily life. Even if you don’t have corresponding qualifications, you should try to cultivate one or two. If you go out to travel one day, it will look precious on weekdays."
The green ant went on to say, "It should be reasonable for the small mirror elder to read and speak more. It is because the green ant’s qualifications for swimming are weak and even a trace of cold has not been repaired."
Listening to the green ant’s reply, Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but turn to look at the Nangong small mirror. This Xiao Ni looks like she is sitting with a slight bend in her mouth. It is estimated that she had heard the green ant’s words and was secretly happy.
"Sister Xiao Jing said that it is natural to practice the basic five-element magic method, and to learn these five-element magic methods can make you understand the avenue more clearly."
Baiyun Lou thought for a moment, "But Green Ant, if you want to learn ice skating, you can try to get an introduction to water skating practice first, and then learn ice skating with half the effort."
"Good male" said the green ant and poured wine for Bai Dagong.
While drinking refreshing wine, Baiyun Tower watched this group of disciples come.
The most striking thing is that Tianyin and Caiwei, two elders of Keqing, have seen the corners of their mouths through the Baiyun Tower.
It was only after six or seven days that the troubled hair on the top of Tianyin’s head was unexpectedly short by nearly half, and the Buddha’s light flashed on his face. It seems that picking EU by sitting next to him helped a lot.
Picking the EU’s head is still pink, and the pink breath is transpiration to one side, but the Buddha’s light has been rebuilt by Tianyin, and it has all melted away.
However, seeing that the two people’s manners and manners are very sober and moderate, Baiyun Tower sighs slightly and is too lazy to take care of it for the time being. It is their own fate to wait until the heart sees sex, and they should all gain something.
When I turned to look at the White Exhibition, Baiyun Tower secretly nodded. This front spirit has already penetrated the body. It seems that it will take an opportunity for Qingyun Gate to have one more brother.
Although Jiang Xuan and Jiang Feng are almost the same, they can be recognized at a glance. Jiang Xuanwen is quite a bit angry quietly. In the past few days, it should be that there is ice cold in the whole body.
Jiang Feng is much more casual. He is pulling a stream and chatting with Qingshi teacher younger brother about interesting things in the barracks. Jiang Feng was taken to the ranks barracks by his father when he was young, and even practiced with the ranks for several months.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Tiger father dog
Jiang Feng has a sense of pride since that experience.
Xiaoxi and Shi Qingshan should practice archery frequently recently. Both of them have extraordinary arrows.
Meng Yu, the new brother, really worked hard, and immediately returned to the case after Jianli with Baiyun Tower. A few days ago, he rarely took the fruits and snacks in front of him, and most of his mind sank into the sea of knowledge and concentrated on practicing the sword tactic.
Lan Zhi has received a lot of worldly thoughts since he got the fire shine. Recently, he should be very diligent in cultivation. He has not seen it for some time and has broken through to the middle stage of condensation. His qualifications are a little refined.
The younger brother Yu Pupil of the newly-introduced refining cabinet is still a little puzzled, but Baiyun Tower is not in a hurry. Let’s wait for a budding species to realize it on its own.
It’s getting dark. The lights are already on in front of the pavilion. The candlesticks at the entrance of the main hall pillars have all been replaced by the newly developed Xuanguang lamps in the refining pavilion.
Xuanguang Dengzhan is a group of young brothers who have refining devices. They re-conceived the array method through the middle refining technique-Fairy Light Lamp. Finally, several old teachers pointed out the low-order precious materials and refined the low-order instrument-Xuanguang Dengzhan.
Therefore, there is another lingshi in the refining cabinet of the hospital, and these refining cabinet brothers also have an extra income.
As a matter of fact, this kind of lighting technique, Baiyun Tower, can be refined long ago, but it is necessary to give some impetus to the refining cabinet of the institute. Only by seeing the results through self-refining can we become more interested in refining and cultivate real refining talents.
Therefore, Baiyunlou deliberately selected several hanging refiner pavilions which are convenient for deducing the middle-level refiner technique, and offered a reward. If you can refine low-level instruments with similar work from ordinary low-level precious materials in the real world, you can get a large amount of lingshi reward.
This not only aroused the enthusiasm of the refiner, but also no longer envied the alchemist’s deep pockets.
As the afterglow of the setting sun dissipated, the elder went to the field and took out a photo sign to clear his throat. He said, "At the end of the year, the supervisor elder of Qingyun Gate has the responsibility to summarize the spiritual progress and trial situation of Qingyun Gate’s younger brother to the head and elder."
"Elder?" Xiao pang murmured, "This is the only way to react. The elder is to let go of Lingguo and sit back and listen."
"The Nangong Feiyang Building Foundation was tested three times in the initial stage … the number of trials was too small, and I was fascinated by other opportunities. I was diligent in my daily practice. This year, I will pay attention to the fairyland trial when I grade a middle-aged." Nangong Xiaojing commented.
"It will be" Xiao Pang rushed to smile and piled up. It is rare to get such a comment from his little sister.
The Nangong Xiaojing nodded slightly and then said, "Brother Bai Zhan condensed his spirit, and dzogchen asked his heart to test 32 times and scored a".
Then the nangongshan mirror will all the younger brothers commented again, and the three outer brothers didn’t let go.
Comments are quite satisfactory, which is very convincing. Baiyun Tower also listened carefully, and finally praised the small mirror.
Seeing that the atmosphere in the venue was very harmonious, Baiyun Tower simply encouraged the younger brothers to say a few words, "The younger brothers of Qingyun have performed well in the past year, and they have shown their elegant demeanor."
"In a few days, it will be the New Year. Don’t stay at Qingyun Gate after tonight. Go home for the New Year. Green ants and fire shine will go back to Luoshui County with their brothers. You can arrange it yourself."
"Can Brother Tianyin go to Xuanling to celebrate the New Year with the elder sister?" Baiyunlou words just stopped and picked EU is looking forward to auditions and asked.
Auditions look cool just a thought should come.
The thought of Baiyun Building turned to Xiao Pang and said, "Ziyan pool has finished class from the school. At noon, I have talked with the mountain leader about if there are chores to be done and helped to deal with them together."
"In these days, Ziyan’s sister will stay at home with her family. If anything happens, try not to interfere. If there is anything urgent, the prophet will call me."
"Brother, just trust these things to the younger brother," Xiao Pang said patting his chest.
Looking at the Baiyun Tower in the main hall of the swinging pavilion, I always feel that something is missing. I turned to look at it and stopped eating grilled fish. Luo Xiaoyu was immediately clear.
Then he said, "Brother Luo, look, you have just been baptized by the senior sister’s divine light today. If you don’t strike while the iron is hot, you can get through this dreamland and live a new year with peace of mind."
Suddenly, I heard the big brother calling himself Luo Xiaodi Luo Xiaoyu, and I felt a little surge of emotion. I always called myself Xiaoyu. It seems that the big brother is really impressed with himself.
"Okay," the master elder brother said, without listening to Bai Luo Xiaoyu, he easily agreed to react. When he came over, he couldn’t help but regret that andao tried to find a small mirror by himself on weekdays. Forget it. This time, all the younger brothers and sisters have set up their positions. It’s really a shame if they are vulgar again in front of everyone.
But today, I still have confidence in overcoming the great teacher elder sister Shenguang Luo Xiaoyu of Qingchi.
On second thought, Luo Xiaoyu turned to the Nangong Small Mirror and asked, "Is there something wrong with the large array of this dreamland, the elder of the Small Mirror? After several trials in the dreamland, I went back to the hospital and saw that the beautiful pool was a bit of a headache?"
"Oh, this is a normal phenomenon. Yu Gong indulges himself too much in his dreamland. He is often struck by lightning. This is some physical legacy." Nangong Xiaojing replied indifferently.
"Small mirror elders can change the normal dreamland this time … there is no young beauty. It is hard to say that it is difficult to directly remove vulgar thoughts if you look at the youthful appearance of teacher younger brother." Luo Xiaoyu said in a low voice.
The nangongshan small mirror disdain left Luo Xiaoyu andao this is honest turned to look at the master elder brother only to see the master elder brother nodded slightly.
Seeing the big brother respond to Xiao Jing’s heart, he said to Luo Xiaoyu, "Go ahead and meet the requirements of Brother Luo this time."
Luo Xiaoyu immediately eyebrow eye smiled and scratched his head, picked up a piece of grilled fish and put it in his mouth. This just got up and walked to the Hall of Ask Your Heart Pavilion with satisfaction.
Stay Luo Xiaoyu into the hall the nangongshan small mirror immediately launched the dreamland large array with a wave of his hand at the gate of the hall dreamland screen flashed out.
In this way, the Baiyun Tower nodded with satisfaction.
"Brother, what did you say to Luo Xiaoyu today? His gods fluctuated the most?" The nangongshan small mirror suddenly asked
Baiyunlou thought for a while, "It should be that tiger, father and dog."
"That’s right ….." The nangongshan small mirror murmured, and then sat on the side of bluestone and slowly pushed the large array to work.