Xiangyun asked curiously, "What is Mulingdan? Is it effective?"
Lu Li said with a smile, "Going to the Linggen tree for meditation after the elder martial sister can make you break through the spiritual realm and become a saint."
Xiang Yun exclaimed, "Really? If there is such a good thing, bring it to me and try it. "
There is a blue pill in the palm of your right hand, which was robbed by Xiangyun.
Take a closer look at Xiangyun and smell it. "It looks good and smells good. Is it really that amazing?"
Lotus Fairy laughed. "Elder martial sister, just give it a try."
Xiangyun hesitated for a moment and then nodded, "Try it anyway, Teacher Lu won’t hurt me." Xiangyun took a bite of Mu Lingdan and rushed to Linggen Tree together.
At this time, many brothers and sisters in Cuizhumen are practicing here, and it is not surprising that everyone will continue to practice.
Xiangyun walked by the Linggen tree and found a suitable place to sit and concentrate on practicing. Soon, a large number of Ebony Reiki gathered to form a blue light world.
Lotus Fairy asked softly, "Are you going to treat every brother and sister fairly?"
Lu Li shook his head and said, "Isn’t it better to let Aoki come forward?"
Lotus fairy worried, "Aren’t you afraid of the master asking why?"
Lu Li laughed. "What can I do if I don’t tell him?"
Lotus fairy shook her head with a wry smile. Although she didn’t quite agree with the practice of separation, she didn’t oppose him.
After all, Mu Lingdan has a far-reaching influence on the Cuizhu School.
Not everyone can do Lu Li’s personal dedication without asking for anything in return.
An hour passed quickly.
Xiangyun, who was beside the Linggen tree, was in full bloom and immediately attracted attention. Everyone looked surprised and looked at her, especially the elder brother Hong Kun and the third martial sister Miao Hua. They never imagined that Xiangyun, who was sixteen years old, broke through the spiritual realm and became a saint.
After a long time, the light gradually dispersed, and the whole person opened his eyes and his face was overwhelmed with joy. He rushed to the side of the land and held his arm and shook his mouth, shouting, "I succeeded. I finally broke through the spiritual realm and became a saint."
Looking at the joy, I smiled and said, "Don’t get excited. You still have a long way to go. Don’t let your brothers and sisters laugh."
Xiangyun laughed. "I don’t care. I’m just glad that I like you so much. After everything can be solved with you, I will always follow you so that my strength will rise rapidly and I can become a woman as soon as possible. Haha … This is really wonderful."
The elder brothers and sisters of Cuizhumen near here looked puzzled after hearing Xiangyun’s words, and looked at Lulu as if trying to figure out the mystery.
Lu Li looked at everyone and nodded and smiled, then pulled Xiangyun Lotus Fairy away.
Lu Xiangyun asked, "Where are we going?"
Lu Li indifferently said "Cuizhu Building"
Lotus fairy asked, "Have you decided?"
Lu Li said, "Mu Lingdan is easy for me, but it has great effect on my brothers and sisters. I can give you very little if I stay in the Cuizhu Sect for five more years."
Xiangyun was confused and asked, "What are you talking about?"
Lu Li said, "You’ll know later. Let’s go."
Three people came to Cuizhu Building in a moment and found the Aoki Buddha, just as the bamboo wind elder also.
As soon as I met Xiangyun, I couldn’t help but be excited and laughed. "Master, I have broken through the spiritual realm."
Aoki Buddha bamboo wind elders smell speech after a shock looked at it carefully, two people’s eyes were surprised, obviously it is not normal.
The Aoki Sage asked, "What is this?"
Xiangyun glanced at Lu Li and whispered, "Do you want to tell Master, Junior?"
Lu Li laughed. "What do you say?"
Xiangyun said urgently, "I just don’t know to ask you."
Lotus Fairy laughed. "Elder martial sister didn’t bring you here in such a hurry to tell the master everything."
Xiangyun was relieved and laughed. "That’s good. The master scolded me for being disobedient."
Elder Bamboo Wind asked curiously, "What the hell is going on?"
Xiangyun hey hey smiled. "It was Teacher Lu who gave me a magic wand. I went to Linggen Tree to practice and soon broke through the spiritual realm."
Bamboo wind elders smell speech a shock blurted out "wood magic! Where did you come from? "
Lu Li said with a smile, "I made a total of 36 fragrant clouds, one for each lotus, and there are still 34 grains that can be properly distributed to all brothers and sisters to effectively promote their repair."
Aoki Buddha hesitated for a moment, took the wooden magic wand from the land and asked, "What are you …"
Lu Li said with a smile, "This is a little token of my appreciation. It’s a small gift for all the senior brothers and sisters before I leave."
Xiangyun was surprised and a face of envy said, "So many, master, please reward me with a few more."