"Come here!"
Big Buddha thundered with one arm and suddenly buckled this demon city, and then suddenly forced it to pull the giant city with a bang and vibration!
Among all the demon countries, there are millions of subjects in all the demon countries. It can be said that these demon families are keeping food rations. At this time, they are dragging this demon city towards their own magic country with their arms outstretched.
Those civilians looked up to the sky and saw a giant with a head as high as four mountains pulling the giant city ferociously.
This ferocity is going to drag the demon city into his magic kingdom, that is, the demon king and several ordinary people are going to refine all their income into ashes!
Yokota Buddha is already half a step away from the Great Sage, and the Magic Emperor can achieve the position of the Magic Emperor. Although the lich King is also a celestial position, where can Yokota Buddha be compared?
This huge city with a distance of thousands of miles has finally been able to resist the pulling power of Hengdian, and the foundation of the city wall is slowly pulled out from the virtual space faster and faster. Several breaths are buried and the virtual foundation is completely pulled up by Hengdian!
Giant cities drift slowly as the mainland to fix the magic kingdom behind the giant Buddha.
The lich king was surprised, angry and shouted, and he also countered the great statue Birumbi’s mighty body and fell into the magic kingdom.
Suddenly, his body changed again and turned into a giant bird. He swallowed hundreds of thick veins. The mana in his mouth suddenly doubled and he immediately got rid of the suction of Xiuluo Magic Kingdom and got out!
"Do you still want to go, evil animal?"
Yokota’s sneer was about to make a move, but Sue should open her mouth and spit out a magic weapon, which turned out to be a huge golden bell.
Ding Rinrin!
This golden bell gave a crisp and extremely loud sound, like a wave, and the lich king was seriously injured. When I heard this bell, my head was stunned and my soul was unstable. I heard a roar and my body involuntarily rolled and turned that face into a poisonous python again.
Ding Rinrin!
Sue should once again offer a bell to destroy the gods and swing the soul, and buckle the head of the lich king to cover his forehead, and the jingle bell kept ringing.
The lich king was almost stunned and fell from the middle.
Then cross big hand to directly grasp the lich king into the magic kingdom behind him and then laughed with a big smile. "It’s really good today. Grandma’s half-step holy soldier was actually charged by me. Ha ha ha."
Sue should see his one eye and say with smile, "It’s not your opponent to sacrifice the half-step holy soldier to the lich king."
"This little worm repair generally seems to be unfinished. If this demon city is finished refining or I repair it, I still need some means to kill him."
Sue should nod, and then the two of them looked towards his place and saw that Kyubi no Youko, the demon king of bones, and others had suppressed the demon kingdom.
In some of his demon race, they were completely eaten by the remnant just demon statue, and kept this rammed goods satisfied with their mouths.
"These demon families were killed by us, and the demon city and the demon king were all included in the big statue of the magic kingdom. What kind of demon kingdom is it that directly destroyed the country? You go and pack up the ship and let’s enter this underwater fairy mountain together."
Residual just magic statue should be returned to collect the ship. When he came back, Su Ying and others recovered in situ for a moment, and then he was swept to the sea by Yokota.
Not long after they dived into the sea, they saw dozens of figures flying rapidly in the middle of the distant sea. Men, women and demons came to the sea and stopped to see that the sea had been dyed red, revealing a strong blood gas.
"Who dares me to destroy the demon kingdom in Sanxian Mountain? Don’t these people know that the Demon Kingdom belongs to our Three Immortals Mountain? " A woman was livid nu way
A young man pondered, "It’s terrible to be able to destroy the strength of a country. Even if I am a master like Sanxianshan, there are only a handful. Who has such a powerful power?"
An old man sank, "Except for my Three Immortals Mountain, there hasn’t been such a master of the earth in Fiona Fang. It should be a master of other places. Go back to Xianfu first and tell Xianzhu to stay here and investigate and see where the strong one is!"
Others hurried back to Sanxian Mountain.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two The dead world
Part of the old man’s mind was busy diving into the bottom of the sea to search for Su Ying’s trace. Suddenly, he saw the light at the bottom of the sea and felt a shock. "There is still a passage here! Most of that man has already entered the fairy mountain, which is a bad thing. If he leaves alive and spreads the secrets of the fairy mountain everywhere, he will be safe in Yong’ an for fear of the Three Immortals Sect! "
He quickly withdrew his mind and was about to return to the Three Immortals. Suddenly, he heard two loud noises, and the sky cracked in the distance. A huge warship emerged from the void and a huge faucet slowly squeezed out.
In this huge warship, thick and overbearing forces gushed out like two continents floating in the sky.
"It seems that Zhou Tianxing imperial secretary wondered how they ran all the way out of the empty space. Do they also know the secret here? Broken! "
The old man’s heart is not good. The battleship is coming slowly and hurriedly disappears into the virtual.
Su Ying, etc. have already sneaked into the bottom of the sea at this moment, and all the people on the top of the head have taken refuge in the fairy light and left for the fairy mountain on the bottom of the sea.
They just entered the fairy mountain, and the tripod crashed and shook, and was attacked by the fairy light, almost taking this treasure away, and hastening the mana again to stabilize it.
This crack is so deep that it lasts for dozens of miles. Fairy light overflows from the crack like water. The deeper people dive, the greater the vibration of the magic weapon. His magic power is almost out of control!
The strange old sound in my ear keeps telling meaningless words.
"Constant …"
"Ancient …"
"Tao …"
This sound penetrates the heart as if you can understand the truth of heaven and earth by hearing these words.
Finally, when the fairy light came to an end, I suddenly felt that gravity had changed wonderfully. They used to be head and foot gravity, but this moment suddenly changed, making people feel head and foot.
It’s like suddenly swimming from one world to another inverted world.
"The ancient fairy mountain on the back of the tortoise has actually formed a primitive world, and the opposite world. From the sea surface, the fairy mountain is upside down, while from the world formed by the fairy mountain, the primitive continent is the upside-down world."
Su Ying was very surprised in her heart, and the big Buddha rushed out of the cracks with everyone in his arms. Suddenly, it lit up. They were different in their imagination. What appeared before them was not a fairy tale, but a world of destruction!
Immortal mountains have been smashed and ruined by people, and floating in the sky has removed them. There are still many ancient temples with broken walls, which are more desolate than that.
Fairy lights flow in the sky, green, purple, red and green, and each fairy light is tens of thousands of miles long and contains more power than terror.
There is also a full moon in Gao, with a total of 27 moons hanging high and emitting holy brilliance.
There is no living thing here, not even a blade of grass. It is not like an ancient fairy mountain, but like a dead mass grave!
Su Ying should look at the route and see that the sea water gap is even. Here, the gravity primitive continent opposes the invasion of sea water.
"This place is full of dead air. Are all the ancient immortals dead?"
Su Ying’s heart was disappointed. When she looked around, she saw that the floating fairy mountains and temples had no vitality. Even those fairy lights were silent like Changhong, and they came from the fairy light with great vitality, but there was also a kind of despair.
Yokota nodded slightly and said, "These fairy lights should be changed by the breath left by those ancient immortals after their death. They could have lived forever, and the immortal body filled with vitality, but a strange force made their vitality lifeless."
Su Ying heard a flash of light in her heart and said, "The dead pressure has passed the vitality and finally let these ancient immortals die one after another …"
There will be ancient immortals on his back, but the sight before him makes him doubt his judgment.
A huge damaged stone tablet floated past their eyes, which read simple and vigorous ancient seal characters, but it was the word "abbot"
"It seems that this piece of fairy mountain is Penglai and Yingzhou, and it’s a pity that there are no immortals in Fairy Mountain …"
Su Ying sighed and suddenly heard a grand sound "The ancient road is wonderful, natural and true …"
This sound is shocking to the ear, and there is an awakening feeling. It seems that if you listen carefully, you can suddenly realize the truth that you have never thought of before!
The sound came from the depths of the fairy mountain without knowing its source.
Heng Tian and others couldn’t help but feel refreshed. "This sound sounded more than once as if someone had opened the altar to preach the teachings. Is it true that there are immortals in the abbot fairy mountain?"
The ancient road is wonderful, natural and true.
This sentence has far-reaching significance. He has his own strengths in the ancient road of chaos and chaos.
And the sound that the ancient road is wonderful and natural is exactly the opposite of the ancient road that Su Ying mixed with Yuan Dynasty.
The word "constant" stands for eternity and the passage of time. The word "ancient" stands for vastness, antiquity and law. Changing "Tao" is the avenue of heaven and earth, and the most peculiar word "wonderful" is expounded from the ancient road. The legal principle is the magical power of ancient immortal avenue.
The word "nature is true" also has its own wonders. Nature is heaven and earth, everything is wind, water, cloud, fog, the boundless earth and the cosmic star.