Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Message in one thousand ()
Gao Helai, of course, that is, he bowed his head and naturally picked up a thing, but it was too fast and outrageous for both of them to believe it.
"What?" Gao He has got up with the ball and asked Wang Xin why he just didn’t let Gao He touch it.
Gaohe is so natural that you can’t see anything special at all. Is that thing effective for those who want to visit the gods? Wang Xin doesn’t know, but Gao He doesn’t have any pain at all. The expression should be that there is no problem. Why did Gao He say nothing over there again?
"You can hear my voice saying that you are the … that … that soul I once met. Let’s just call you that!"
"Hello, I’m glad to know your whereabouts again and welcome back to reincarnation."
Holding the ball in his hand, Gao He couldn’t help but appear in his mind. These sounds didn’t show signs. At that time, Gao He couldn’t care about anything in his place.
Gao He, an old friend who spent thousands of years with this guy who didn’t even meet once many years ago, but only talked in the dark twice in less than two days, thinks that the sky is really amazing sometimes.
Although I haven’t seen anyone this time, I just left a message in that person’s sphere, but Gao He still feels very little. In Gao He’s mind, this person who has never met before is the only one who really knows all his secrets.
This ball is almost two thousand years old. This is what Gao He knew from that voice. Let’s call it that according to the predecessor, because he didn’t give his name to Gao He once. According to the predecessor’s message, Gao He gradually learned something about himself and the origin of the taboo bamboo forest.
First of all, soon after the senior taught Gao He that mysterious formula, he left the life-dominated prison and re-entered the reincarnation. The magic finally retained the memory of the whole life. Of course, this still needs Gao Hefu, the senior, to reach this point more than once. If he didn’t get along with Gao He and didn’t feel Gao He in that place, he wouldn’t give up his will and count the simple and boring numbers. It is even more impossible for the senior soul to keep the memory of the whole life through that time.
According to him, after his reincarnation, it should be about the same as the history of China, and according to this, when Gaohe learned that this ball had stayed in history.
He is very grateful to Gao He for leaving a formula for him when he left. That formula has no place for his predecessors. It was obtained from a friend who devoted himself to spiritual cultivation in the course of his failed life. Unfortunately, neither he nor his friend can meet the requirements of that formula-their hearts are steadfast, so their achievements in this respect are very limited.
But after hearing Gao He’s dull, steady and confident sound, the elder immediately knew that he had found an excellent person with a formula. Although he didn’t know who this formula would come from in the world, if a person or a soul firmly imprinted this formula in the deepest part of the soul memory from the state of soul, it could be done that Gao He kept reciting it for thousands of years. The elder believed that even the most powerful monks in the world had read a generation of Amitabha, and the guys might not be able to have such a root as Gao He, which would have a general effect.
Although he doesn’t know what height Gao He can finally reach with this formula, he doesn’t even know whether Gao He can come out of the prison dominated by life and re-enter the reincarnation. However, the most important thing for a practitioner is to feel guilty. When he reached Dacheng in this life, he forbade the bamboo forest to lay such a large array.
The so-called Yin-Yang Xuan Tian Da Array is really to identify whether people who enter the array have practiced that formula. Although he doesn’t know the final effect of the formula, he still knows that his mind is hard and he will never give up. The most important thing is that a person who recites that formula from the state of his soul is probably due to the fact that his mind and body are not so well developed at the very beginning. He guessed that Gaohe was born without meridians.
Being able to enter the array will immediately be driven by the array array method to flow at ten times the speed of the real body. Usually, in this case, there will be a field for practitioners who have increased their skills and died of blasting. The predecessors set a rule that people who enter this array can be ordinary people. Unfortunately, this rule seems to have become incomprehensible because of mistakes.
The pain that the eye array brings to the human body is definitely not for ordinary people or ordinary practitioners to bear unless they have practiced that formula and have already cultivated some people to form meridians at the last light spots. That is because the predecessors specially arranged for Gaohe to exercise the formula crazily, and the physical training will definitely be much worse. The last gift of that eye array is an automatic circulation and operation practice method, and it is accompanied by a mysterious array of Yin and Yang waiting for Gaohe to accumulate energy for repair during this period.
The elder said that the gift refers to this, but it’s a pity that he still didn’t count that Gao Heshen was already a practitioner, but in the end, Gao He accepted the so-called gift. Although he suffered a lot in the process, who should it be or who seems to have really watched it all.
The ball is a senior to record these sounds. In addition, it is a piece of extremely refined metal, which is a gift attached to Gao He. The so-called taboo bamboo root is that the old guy guards the Yin and Yang Xuan Tian array and forms a sect. However, he is afraid that the people inside have any greed and deliberately set up a weird rule, that is, Gao He knows the bamboo taboo.
According to the view of his predecessors, Gao He helped him once, and he also helped Gao He once. It seems that Gao He is really a strange rule or idea. This simple logic is that the root in Gao He’s eyes is nothing. Does Gao He have to repay 50 million people for saving 50 million lives?
Thinking about these practitioners, Gao He sometimes really feels puzzled. Since he has such great ability, why should he do his part in human or his own race? Is it really so important to pursue personal heaven?
But when it comes to personal pursuit, isn’t it also hard to pursue transcendence? It seems that it is also a very selfish idea to pursue yourself. Is it wrong to pursue yourself? Holding the ball, Gao He lost in thought again.
It’s strange to look at Gao He’s hand by Wang Xin’s side. I don’t know when it will shine outward, reflecting Gao He’s face. In the end, the metal ball actually flows slowly like melting along Gao He’s skin and slowly covers his left hand exposed to gas.
In meditation, Gaohe was awakened by the feeling of liquid flowing in his hands, and he tossed his head and thought, What are these illusory things doing? Can’t people do something while pursuing their ideals? Looking down, I was also shocked by the change of my hand.
The whole left hand has turned into a bright metal hand shining with metal light. It’s a strange change and a terrible change. This is what the senior said: the top refining metal left an extra gift for himself. Is there an automatic deformation function?
For that senior, Gao He has never been fortified to his present position, and he has never even seen it face to face, and he can’t talk about fortification. Gao He tried to open his palm naturally and easily, as if there were no obstacles at all. At most, he just felt that there was an extra layer of thin film. Anyway, it was not inconvenient to wear tactical gloves most of the time during training, so the color seemed difficult to explain.
Just when I was thinking about it, the hand metal suddenly changed as if it suddenly became transparent, and it suddenly became the palm color of Gaohe. Anyway, I can’t see the glove that used to emit metal light inside and outside. I tried it back and forth several times, and Gaohe didn’t refuse the old-timer to leave a gift. Of course, this old-timer name is Gaohe who inherits the excellent system of respecting the elderly and letting the virtuous, otherwise it’s hard to say who is the old-timer of Gaohe.
"What happened here?" The sound is very familiar. Wang Ling, now the mistress of the bamboo forest, was surprised to hear that she obviously saw Gao He, but then Ma Yi said, "Wang Ling, the 23rd mistress of the bamboo forest, has seen granduncle!"
Wang Xin twist a head to turn the line of sight from Gao Heshen difficult to Wang Lingshen "yi twenty-two householders? Where is Wang Wei’s little doll? "
"It has been out of the bamboo forest because of the’ Day Bamboo Order’." Wang Ling quickly explained that "granduncle asked outsiders to crack the taboo of bamboo forest this time, and it is also necessary to hope granduncle saw it …" The destruction of granduncle’s closed array of Yin and Yang was so thorough, and it is estimated that Gao He and Wang Xin were caught together. It is natural for her to ask someone to take the blame.
"Haha, I have long wanted to break this bad taboo." Wang Ling was shocked by Wang Xin’s wild words. "Go to work when you are busy. There are still many things to arrange for me to talk with this camel brother."
Chapter one hundred and twenty Practice Reference ()
"I’m a good grandniece, right? I know to cover for you." Wang Xin and Gao He didn’t speak with the majesty when they spoke with Wang Ling. On the contrary, some of them were joking. I wonder if his easygoing temper is the same to all of him?
Gao He smiled and nodded. Besides looking at his left hand and saying a few words to Wang Xin, Gao He waited for the ice evil spirit to come over. Although Wang Ling had ordered everyone not to enter, the ice evil spirit was definitely an exception. Gao He had a selfishness. He wanted to see if the ice evil spirit and Wang Xin could see through each other.
The yogi at this level is estimated to be rare in the whole spiritual world. Curious is that Bing Sha has never introduced him to the spiritual world level, and Gao He has never heard this word from others. The only thing he knows is that Bing Sha is very strong. Several people are afraid of her, and Wang Xin is estimated to be very strong. He can stay in the mysterious array of Yin and Yang for more than 100 years, but other sects may not know him at all except Zhu Lin’s brother.
These two people represent two kinds of practice styles respectively. I don’t know if there is a level standard for the practice world in this situation, and people can probably know which level of their strength is.
Ice evil spirit seems to be in no hurry to come over and wait for the process of ice evil spirit. Gao He is in no hurry, Wang Xin is even less anxious to wait for a hundred years in the large array of Yin and Yang. Wang Xin may now lack everything except patience.
A standard soldier makes ice cream and slowly walks over. It seems that after joining the army, he has brought a lot of soldiers to train. No matter in front of people or behind people, the ice cream always exudes a feeling of rejecting people thousands of miles away. However, this is very natural for her current identity-a member of the super special team of the military special forces.
"Are you all right?" A simple and slightly cold question is that Bing Sha greets Gao He, who nods to show that he is all right and then introduces him to both sides.
When two super masters meet, it seems that there is neither sword nor angry words. It seems natural that they even reach out and shake hands with each other and nod their heads. If Gao He didn’t know that the ice is cold and cold, she wouldn’t make such intimate words with ordinary people, and almost nothing happened between them.
"What are you talking about? Is it a chat with this Mr. Wang Lao? " Unexpectedly, it was the ice demon who asked the question first.
"No, no, no,no. I have studied a generation of array laws with the aim of breaking the taboo in the bamboo forest and never talking to me about array law again." Gao He hasn’t answered Wang Xin yet, and he has shouted these words first. Of course, the propaganda and the expression of emotions at the same time are all a happy expression of relief, which has no hypocrisy at all.
Gao He and Bing Sha are both foolish. Who would have thought that Wang Xin, who has studied a generation of law, should be regarded as the strongest law in the taboo bamboo forest, would say such a thing! The purpose of learning array is to stop learning array one day, which is really ridiculous logic.
It’s a pity that no matter what you say or listen to, you don’t find this logic funny. If you are not interested in the situation, you still practice your own array to such a high level. No matter who it is or for what purpose, it is worthy of respect. Gao He knows a little about the situation in his heart, but he doesn’t know who the damn and corrupt guy is, otherwise he won’t wave Wang Xin. He doesn’t know how many years of hard work and how boring it is in the array for a hundred years.
"I didn’t expect Mr. Wang to be so free and easy!" Ice evil spirit seems to be unaffected at all. Answer with a smile. Even Gaohe has never seen ice evil spirit smile so naturally.
"No, it’s the night girl. You are so easy-going and so old-fashioned now!" Wang Xin’s young face claims to be old, which makes Gao He very strange, and at the same time he is very surprised by the expression of Bing Sha just now.
"Well, it’s really rude of my disciples and grandchildren not to find out the true identity of the night girl!" This sentence is a bit interesting. Gao He can guess that it was because Wang Xin discovered that Bing Sha was a yogi that he said this, but what did that easy-going sentence just mean?