See tens of thousands of kilometers away fog if there is substantial solidification together to form a huge head.
The head kept chanting the sound of deprivation of life
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment.
One second
He gave up, turned back to his original self, gave up the art of releasing Gu Hong Fei Xian, and even gave up resistance.
See his face desperate color read aloud a way "no … is coming soon …"
After saying his word, his head tilted and he died.
His body floated in the fog, and the bodies of his sequencers gradually arranged together.
The interface of war sequence turns gray.
The highest sequence keeps refreshing lines of scarlet fine print.
"You are dead!"
"Because you have returned to the main river basin and this moment you have become a dead man-"
"You will be able to make God lead you to the grave."
"Are you going to lead God?"
"No" Gu Qingshan soul replied.
Once the highest sequence is quiet, brush out a line of indicators again.
"If you don’t go to the grave, you will always remain in a state of death and break free from the current situation."
"I know it’s hard to meet a life-threatening doomsday. We’ll wait." Gu Qingshan soul said.
"What are you waiting for?" Highest sequence question
"Here, the root method should deal with the end of life. I guess it is less the end of life and then explore the ruins before. The previous article was destroyed in the flood-I have seen the flood, and that is also the root method to resist the end of life."
He continued, "There are more and more red eyes, sea giants and meteors before. I can’t think of any ordinary sequencers who can resist them, even if the sequencers are surrounded by several kinds of doomsday, they won’t live long."
"That is to say-"
"Bronze owners will kill their Ministry of War if they don’t shoot the end!"
Gu Qingshan finally made a judgment.
"One person can do everything … I’m afraid I don’t want to see such a situation."
The highest sequence belongs to silence
Gu Qingshan also no longer speak is kept in a state of floating death.
Time goes by slowly
More and more people enter this world and die.
At some point—
Gu Qingshan retina has fallen into a gray war sequence interface suddenly flashed again.
Lines of fine print quickly appear in the interface.
"On-site assessment"
"Name Li Jiu"
"professional boxer"
"Elite soldiers"
"The completion situation has reached the tenth world, and seventy-nine soldiers have arrived in this world in the whole war sequence."
"Outstanding evaluation"
According to this evaluation, the special power of the dynamic sequence is allowed to mark, protect and send the soul and body.
"Mark Completed"
"Is to protect and send-"
"Will soon cross to high-dimensional coordinates-"
"Top secret!"
Suddenly Gu Qingshan disappeared from the fog.
He felt that he had fallen heavily on the metal floor.
There are many sounds around.
"Li Jiu … is in good health and doesn’t need treatment."
"Soul intact"
"Death causes life failure"
"It’s a mysterious side attack."
"The ninth group to give him enough life force immediately let him-"
"Wait a minute!"
His voice disappears.
A majestic voice said, "We have been informed to see a scene before his death, and immediately start memory backtracking."
"My Lord, how long will it take to go back?"
"How long can it go back?"